Leftist Militant Activists Arrested In Georgia For Attempting To Burn Down “Cop City”

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 Aren’t right wing militia and patriot movement members supposed to be the violent ones according to the left? But time and time again we see leftist groups burn pro life centers, burn cities, look at neighborhoods, torch police stations, and plot to harm police and elected officials. Yea something doesn’t add up with the left’s official narrative on violence, as yet another leftist militant group was just arrested on domestic terrorism charges in Georgia.

Across the nation for a number of years now leftist organizations have led open occupations of cities, had the summer of love protests which caused billions of dollars in damages across the United States, caused multiple killings of police officers, torched a number of pro-life centers, attempted to assassinate a supreme court justice, and cause general mayhem anywhere they can as long as their fascistic ideals are upheld.

Washington Examiner reports, The Georgia governor condemned a group of “militant activists” who were arrested recently on domestic terrorism charges.

According to reports, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation arrested five militants at the future Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, dubbed “cop city” by activists. In makeshift treehouses where the militants camped, explosive devices, gasoline, and road flares were found.

The statement accused their network of a litany of crimes, including carjacking, arson, and attacks against public officials. Kemp’s condemnation of the network appears to be his first mention of the encounter

Kemp wrote “”Last month, thanks to the hard work and bravery of the GBI; Atlanta Police; DeKalb D.A., Police, and Sheriff’s Office; Attorney General Carr’s Office; and other partners, several criminals illegally occupying the construction site for the planned Atlanta Police Training facility who also used violence against law enforcement were arrested and charged. Rest assured they will not be the last we will take down as this project moves forward. The only response we will give to intimidation and violence is swift and exact justice,”

The release continued “These individuals are members of a broader network of militant activists who have committed similar acts of domestic terrorism and intimidation across the country with no regard for the people or communities impacted by their crimes,”

Kemp made a final firm statement on any ongoing activities, “Make no mistake, if ANY crimes of this sort are committed in Georgia, we will bring the full force of state and local law enforcement down on those trying to bring about a radical agenda through violent means. Domestic terrorism will NOT be tolerated in our state, and we will not hesitate, we will not rest, we will not waver in ending their activities and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law,”

Protests have been going on near the proposed training center for months, leaving burned cars, and massive amounts of aggressive actions.

CNN reports, The location has previously been the site of a series of incidents, including carjacking, destruction of property, arson, and attacks against public safety officials, according to the bureau. Just last Saturday, police said people threw objects at firefighters who were responding to a dumpster fire, according to CNN affiliate WXIA.


So much for the Republican party benign the one for hate. Even their own spokesperson for the Save Atlanta Forest group stated what is it to have some property destroyed compared to the forest being destroyed. Shows the mental state of the people who are in charge and leading this organized militant effort to physically fight any member of law enforcement in the area. If it was a group of Republicans doing this it would be front page news across the country, instead the leftist media is doing their best to cover up yet another insane example of left wing terrorists attempting to kill law enforcement officers. I mean come on, these guys had bombs, trip wires, forts, camouflage, and are on video stating they want to burn it to the ground. What else does the national media need to bring attention to and end this absurdity? One thing is for certain if Trump was in office the forest would be cleared of terrorists in about 10 seconds.

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Next News Network Team

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