NEW Poll Shows More Americans Are Coming To Their Senses On Joe’s Policies

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An inevitable event is occurring with this recent poll. More and more Americans are actually seeing Joe’s policies for what they really are. With every passing day, it’s becoming clearer that if you simply open your eyes and take a look around, you can see just how much of a detriment Joe has had on our image world wide.

The latest poll results show that a majority of Americans believe the U.S. is getting weaker on the world stage and it’s simply too discouraging to be funny. The notion that the “leader of the free world” continues to slip in its position as a top global power not only casts doubt on our reputation, but also puts critical relationships in jeopardy. Furthermore, this troubling trend has significant implications for our national security and diplomatic leverage. It is clear that unless meaningful and far-reaching changes are implemented with urgency, we can expect to see the further erosion of our standing and prestige abroad. reports, The Afghan situation. Border crisis. Energy crisis. The reasons go on and on… According to a new Pew Research Center poll, Americans see the United States’ influence on the world stage decreasing, not strengthening; 19 countries were surveyed, but only Americans perceive it as a declining influence.

According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted this past spring, Americans say their country’s influence in the world has been declining rather than strengthening (47% vs. 19%). A third of U.S. adults (32%) say their nation’s influence on the global stage has remained about the same.

Among the 19 countries surveyed, the United States is the only one in which a majority of adults say their country’s influence has declined. Most people in Sweden, the Netherlands, and Australia say their country’s global influence has remained about the same. The majority of adults in Israel say their country’s influence has grown in recent years.

If our divide as a nation was not so clear, this would certainly accentuate it. When both republicans and democrats were asked the question here were the results.

U.S. views on this question are closely related to partisanship. 63% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents believe American influence on the global stage is waning. Democrats and Democrats leaning Democratic say the same.

According to Pew Research, Americans were also asked about the global influence of several other countries and major international organizations.

With the ongoing war in Ukraine, opinions about Russia’s influence are evenly split, with about equal shares saying it is getting stronger (38%) and weaker (37%). About one in five Americans say Russia’s influence is unchanged.

In America, it’s widely accepted that we are the greatest nation in the world. This belief has been upheld and held to a high standard by many Americans over the years. However, some progressive liberal Americans would prefer to see our influence wane rather than accumulate more power. The election of Joe Biden as President was seen as incompetent by many citizens, yet those on the progressive left refused to acknowledge this blunt truth. As long as Kamala Harris and Joe Biden act as America’s representatives on the international stage, our presence will be mocked and diminished. It is clear that until we elect a different leader to restore our pride and enhance our bond with other nations, our nation will suffer consequential trauma for being represented by such incompetent figures, both domestically and internationally.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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