Minutes after Biden Releases His Immigration ‘Plan,’ Trump CRUSHES Him with KO Punch

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Just minutes after Joe Biden released his plan to stop migrants from crossing our borders illegally,  President Donald Trump took a swipe at him, leaving everyone with their jaws on the floor. Will Biden be able to counter this brutal move? Get ready because things are about to escalate in an epic showdown!

Biden told reporters Wednesday during a Kentucky infrastructure event that he “intends” to visit the U.S.-Mexico border before his trip to Mexico City next week. 

Biden said, “That’s my intention. We’re working out the details now.”. 

Joe Biden has never visited the southern border despite working in Washington, D.C., and on Capitol Hill for nearly 50 years. 

In the past two years, Democrats, Biden, and his administration have been adamantly refusing to visit. According to Biden, he had “better things to do” three weeks ago. 

You wouldn’t have known that Biden plans to visit the border, because despite him announcing it on Wednesday, reporters were too invested in covering him eating peach cobbler. >>>IMG 1 Bloomberg reporter Justin Sink shared a photo of Biden eating peach cobbler on Twitter.

Sink’s caption was, “Biden encourages reporters to “put down your cameras and eat some peach cobbler.”

A Reuters reporter was also impressed with Biden as he ate the peach cobbler.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Biden spoke at the White House about his “plan” to deal with the border crisis that, by the way, does little to nothing to stop migrants from crossing our border illegally. 

Instead of fortifying the border with walls or barbed wire, Biden actually told reporters that it is part of his plan to provide illegal aliens with a downloadable app on their phones to apply for asylum. 

Now more than minutes later, President Trump laid out his plan to crack down on the drug cartels ruling the southern border under Biden’s rule.

The Trump War Room account summed up the difference between Trump and Biden’s plans perfectly, writing in a tweet, “Biden announces a phone app for illegal immigrants the same day President Trump outlines a proposal to use the military to crush the drug cartels. Biden is not serious about stopping illegal immigration.”

President Trump delivered a powerful and accurate response following Joe Biden’s announcement of his do-nothing plan on the border crisis. After months of refusing to visit, Biden had the audacity to tell reporters he “intends” to make a trip. While Biden plans for providing illegal aliens with downloadable apps in order to fool Americans into thinking he is taking the necessary steps needed for national security, President Trump is the real leader here – proposing ‘countless tools’ at his fingertips to secure our border and protect our people from drug cartels. It is clear that Joe Biden is not prepared for this crisis, yet President Trump remains steadfast in his commitment to provide stability in our nation and safety for all its citizens.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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