The Numbers Don’t Lie: Americans Predict Economic Woes Ahead!

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 Are Americans just being pessimistic about the economy? After witnessing two years of severe economic hardship due to a global pandemic, it’s only natural that many Americans are predicting more economic woes ahead. It makes sense – after all, gloom and doom can be contagious. However, it goes to show that the numbers don’t lie.

79% of Americans’ expectations of their own financial situation in 2023 remains low. How much can we really blame them for feeling this way? Although one can try to remain optimistic about our current situation, however, that on its own is exhausting when trying to feed your family with an administration doing everything to make it harder for an entire country. Until policies change, Americans’ pessimism will likely remain. The trillion dollar question is will democrats have a change in heart about their destructive policies?

Breitbart reports, According to a Tuesday Gallup poll, most Americans believe 2023 will bring economic difficulty under President Joe Biden.

79 percent said the nation would experience difficult economic times, compared with 20 percent who said it would prosper. 65% of respondents predicted that Democrat-fuel inflation would continue to rise and the stock market would continue to sink.

Under Biden’s leadership, 53 percent expect unemployment to rise. According to 85 percent of respondents, 2023 will be a “troubled year with much international discord.” Ninety percent said the same about domestic affairs.

Overall, Democrats are more hopeful than Republicans.

Even Fake News didn’t have a lot of optimism for an economy they have been covering up since this administration took over.

According to Democrats, there will be five positive developments in 2023. A rise in the stock market (53%), a reasonable rise in prices (53%), an increase in U.S. power (56%), and a decrease in Russian power (79%). Democrats’ predictions of political cooperation (13%) and a peaceful year mostly free of international disputes (21%) are the lowest.

Apparently, they seem to have been on a different planet for these last two years.

The current administration has done a grave disservice to the American economy, and it’s time for dramatic change. With every decision they make, they seem to put their own agendas over the well-being of the country. They constantly funnel money into a faltering economy with no results in sight – we’re clearly worse off than when they started. It’s going to take an extraordinary miracle to get the country back on track, and last we checked, democrats weren’t in the business of miracles. To that, let’s see what this year holds.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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