Behar Experiences a Case Of Transference With Her Last Insult on Conservative

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During the last segment of The View, Joy Behar experienced a classic case of transference as she made her latest attack on her imaginary conservative viewers. In hindsight, it makes a lot more sense being that her insult was completely uncalled for. Hopefully she can seek help for that.

When Joy Behar suggested that conservatives have brain damage from playing football, she may have let slip her own underlying problems. Instead of talking about the tragic story about how the football player almost lost his life she decided to make it all about conservative. Surely, anyone with a sense of empathy would have realized what she was doing and kept her on track, but that’s asking too much. I guess the jokes on us for expecting something more mature from The View. Bravo Joy, you’re a true scholar with that one.

New Buster reports, In a two-day period after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered an apparent Commotio Cordis and was resuscitated on the field, for which he was still in the intensive care unit, The View’s ghoul, Joy Behar, used the segment (and concussions) to insult conservatives and “heterosexual men” by suggesting they suffered brain damage after playing football as kids and young adults.

As they were sitting around the table to talk about Hamlin’s ongoing medical struggles and how some, as moms, wouldn’t let their kids play football, co-host Sunny Hostin goes on a tangent about her kid and how he decided to quit football.

In response to this story about brain injuries, Behar then reads off some unsourced statistics about youth football supporters.

This all comes after Whoopi doubled down on her previous Holocaust comments and has not addressed them.

As reported by NBC News, Whoopi Goldberg is facing backlash over her latest historically inaccurate statement about the Holocaust, which she claimed “wasn’t originally” about race in an interview with the British newspaper The Sunday Times.

It is the second time this year that Goldberg, 67, has come under fire for comments Jews and Holocaust experts say are inaccurate and offensive.

Here’s an NBC report on it.

It is extremely surprising and somewhat disheartening that this show has reached the level it has, as the bar set is so painfully low. Viewers are partly to blame for the travesty of entertainment put on display, tuning in and clapping for what can only be described as a charade. It seems television has lost its sense of class and resorted to only airing content capable of causing scandalous shockwaves in order to draw more viewers. Consequently, the show remains on air, solely due to its ability to stir controversy among its audience. When the View is no more and not replaced by a more radical show, we will see a turning point in our culture.

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