Vandals target pro-life billboard with shocking message

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In a sad display that just proves how far down the road America has come from the once God fearing nation we once were, to one that openly celebrates the destruction of human life. A recent act of vandalism paints that picture for us of just how far America has declined.

Across America ever since the Roe V Wade decision was overturned, activists have attacked pro-life organizations across America. From setting fires, to vandalizing property the leftists anti-life groups have gone on a rampage that has brought almost no criminal arrests, and leaves the rest of America wondering what law enforcement is doing to stop these acts of terrorism.

News busters reports. In Portland, Oregon, a pro-life billboard was vandalized early on January 2. Black graffiti read, “KILL THEM KIDS.”

An advertisement displayed on the billboard was from the nonprofit group ProLife Across America. It originally read “Protect the babies” and “heartbeat 18 days from conception.” The billboard also featured an image of a sweet baby girl with crossed out eyes as well as website/resource links.

There have been no police reports filed about the billboard, according to the Portland Police Bureau, but it has since been removed. Mary Ann Kuharski, director of ProLife Across America, hopes to replace the billboard by the end of the year.

According to the group’s website, “Our ads create an “Atmosphere of Life” in a “culture of death.” The group’s point was proven. We are living in a culture that celebrates death.

The left has slipped to new lows recently claiming that fetal heart beats were conspiracy theories.

Fox News reports, there is outrage among pro-life advocates after the Associated Press rejected terms such as “fetal heartbeat” and “late-term abortion” as journalistically acceptable.

It was announced Tuesday that the “abortion topical guide” had been updated with a new entry. Since there is disagreement over what constitutes a heartbeat at different gestational ages, reporters should avoid using these phrases when reporting on fetal heartbeat bills and abortion bans at six weeks…” 

Stacey Abrams recently claimed that fetal heartbeats were made up to scare women. Watch Clip1>>

Kathleen Berchelmann recently joined Fox News to debunk the fake news that there is no heartbeat.

Not only is this a hateful act of repression conducted by the left, but it’s also telling of their true liberal agenda– abortion with no questions asked. While thankfully nobody was hurt in this abhorrent act, it still serves as a stark reminder of what lengths the left will go to push their pro-abortion views upon all of us and shame on them for even trying. In reality, this has less to do with choice and more to do with annihilating an unborn child’s chance at life – which is something we can all agree should never happen.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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