What The? A Pregnant Joker? How Woke Is DC Comics?

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Apparently even DC comics is now falling to the woke culture as one of the most iconic male characters in the DC comic universe, is now pregnant.

Many of us have been fans of the DC comic series Batman for generations, and for good reason. The story was always pretty good, the movies were awesome, and the Joker was one of the bad guys who was bad, but was he wrong for being bad? Now that wokeness is seeping into every facet of life, apparently it was not long before even beloved characters fell prey to the woke mobs.

Daily wire reports, earlier this week, DC Comics released an issue featuring a “pregnant” Joker.

Joker vomits his son into existence, transforming him into a smaller carbon copy of the Joker, like an Austin Powers-style Mini-Me. In book four of the series, “The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing,” the storyline appeared as a backup feature.

Jester_Bell tweeted “ Today, DC released a comic in which the Joker becomes pregnant and gives birth to a mud monster who transforms into a child-version of himself who he adopts as his son. …I don’t know how much longer I can do this…”

In the comic book snippet, a picture of the joker being pregnant is shown, and the Joker is quoted asking if they have a good OB-GYN that the criminal organization uses.

Recently DC has made a massive push to have more woke characters, and even changed traditional characters to fit their world view. 

A “woke” comic that failed more recently was “Superman: Son of Kal-El,” in which Clark Kent’s son, Jonathan, was revealed to be bisexual. Superman was then given a rainbow Pride Flag cape by DC Comics in their “DC Pride” anthology.

Daily wire tweeted “Superman Now Bisexual: Don’t Need ‘Another Straight White Savior,’ Writer Says”

Within a month, the series quickly dropped out of top ratings because of dwindling fan interest.

Previously, DC Comics used its books to address other social justice issues. DC released a comic in 2017 as a response to former President Donald Trump’s announcement that he would shut down Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

A comic depicted Superman rescuing illegal immigrants from a white man wearing an American flag bandana and wielding a machine gun. He was angry that the group had stolen his job.

In the left’s attempts to ruin everything that people hold dear it appears that comic books will not be escaping the insane woke push to change every facet of American life, and culture. There was no reason to have a pregnant joker, there was no reason to have superman become bi, there was no reason to depict MAGA people being violent over illegal immigration. This is the left attempting to further influence our youth, and to further push their world views down the throats of millions of Americans, for no other reason than they could. To all of those on the left, leave our favorite characters alone.

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Next News Network Team

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