McCarthy Appoints Jim Jordan to MAJOR Role that’ll DESTROY the Biden Administration Once and For All

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is making a big move that could spell trouble for the Biden administration: appointing Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan to one of the most important and powerful positions in Congress. This appointment will put Jordan front-and-center on Capitol Hill and likely set off some sparks as he works to take down the Biden administration. Jordan clearly wasn’t chosen because of his ability to play nice with Democrats – his appointment was a clear political power punch meant to shake things up in Washington. Stay with me during this video as I’ll explore how exactly Rep. Jim Jordan got appointed and what this major role could mean for President Joe Biden’s future.

A new select committee, headed by Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, will be formed by the 118th House of Representatives to examine abuses of power and the weaponization of government. 

Following the recent release of the Twitter Files, the investigation panel will request emails and correspondence between the Biden administration and big tech companies, according to the Post Millennial.

Subcommittee members would investigate not only how the Executive Branch gathered information on citizens, but how they worked with other bodies, including private companies, to facilitate actions against American citizens. 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was asked to form the committee as part of the negotiations that brought him to power, according to Axios. McCarthy was elected Speaker after a contentious battle on the House floor last week.

Jordan is the perfect congressman to spearhead this initiative, as he has written letters to top tech platforms asking for information about “‘collusion’ with the Biden administration to censor conservatives on their platforms” in the past.

In addition, on FOX News in December, Jordan said that “exposing the truth” and “getting the facts out there” is the first step in stopping big tech collusion in the future. 

Hopefully, once these investigations are completed, the House will move toward impeaching Joe Biden. Accountability will then be achieved in its most complete form.

Get your popcorn ready, because the appointment of Jim Jordan to lead investigations into abuses of power and weaponization of government by the Biden administration has set off a lot of excitement. Jordan has already proven his dedication to transparency with letters sent to top tech platforms and now, as head of this select committee, he will get the opportunity to get to the bottom of it. We can’t wait for these investigations to draw to their conclusion so that accountability with be achieved in its ultimate form, with potential impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden beginning soon after. With the 2024 election around the corner, this could get very interesting indeed.

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