The Verdict is In: Former Waffle House Employee who Fought Customer Meets Her Fate

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The decision has been reached in the case of the former Waffle House employee who left after defending herself following an altercation with customers. Months after the incident, she finally reveals how the Waffle chain handled her case. You won’t believe the outcome.

A former Waffle House employee went viral after a wild fight with multiple drunk customers, and recently revealed that the chain had blacklisted her from future jobs. This came as a shock to many people, especially since the company had previously stated that she would be welcomed back if her name was cleared in the incident. The cooperation clearly had every right to do whatever because it’s their company but what was the employee supposed to do, take the beating from all those drunk customers?  What kind of message does that send to all their employees that get attacked in their store? 

100 percent Fed Up reports, During a wild fight at Waffle House in Austin, Texas, a former employee caught a chair thrown at her.

A fight broke out after six people refused to move from a closed-off area of the restaurant and demanded immediate service despite a female employee’s request.

Hallie Booth, the employee, explained the situation in a YouTube video. She said, “The six come in, they’re loud. They’re making noise. Cool. Everybody’s loud. Everybody’s drunk. It’s after last call, bars are closed so you can go home or you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here type thing.”

Booth continues, saying one of the group’s women harassed her, saying aloud, “I’m gonna make that white b**** cook my food,” referring to Booth.

Booth then told her manager that she would not cook food for the rude group and that she would kick them out, stating “Waffle House and any restaurant has the right to refuse service for any reason as long as it is not a discriminatory reason.”

When the group became more enraged, one of them got up on the counter and this fight started.

The fight went on for a while with everyone recording and enabling the behavior.

Later on during a Fox interview with Tucker, Booth explained what happened to her when she tried to apply for another job with the chain.

Here is what the former Waffle House employee had to say,

And that was all she wrote for the famous Waffle House fight.

In today’s online world where going viral is the goal, far too many people have enabled this type of behavior in public places by failing to address the issue. We are no longer focusing on everyday etiquette when we’re out and about but rather obsessing over what could potentially be shared online with friends, colleagues, and even total strangers. Too often, these thoughtless bystanders shy away from doing the right thing or stepping up to diffuse a situation because they are more concerned with an embarrassing video getting viral attention. While it might be okay to get a good laugh out of something silly and entertaining, this behavior should serve as a reminder of how our societal values have shifted in recent years and why addressing the consequences of our digital environment is more important now than ever before.

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