SICK: Gavin Newsom Slams GOP Pushing His Rhetoric To New Heights

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During Gavin Newsom’s second inaugural address was filled with hateful rhetoric, pushing his already extreme speech to new heights demonizing over a hundred million Americans.

Gavin Newsom is probably one of the worst Governors in the country, yet he won a second term. He wasted no time in continuing to demonize every single republican he could during his inaugural speech. 

Washington Examiner reports, In his inaugural address to the state Capitol, California Governor Gavin Newsom took shots at leading nameless Republicans.

“They’re promoting grievance and victimhood, in an attempt to erase so much of the progress you and I have witnessed in our lifetime,” Newsom told the crowd on Thursday. “They make it harder to vote and easier to buy illegal guns.”


California has seen a mass exodus from the state under the leadership of Gavin Newsom due to his bad business policies, and open communist ideals.

News Nation reports,  U-Haul says 2022 was another record year for moving to Florida and Texas.

Two years in a row, Texas has topped that chart, followed by Florida, the Carolinas, and Virginia. On the other hand, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, and California are at the bottom.

One realtor in Florida told NewsNation that every home she’s sold lately has been to a buyer from out of state.

Michelle Keohane of Infinite Real Estate said “A lot of people who move down here from California or New York could sell their property there and buy twice or three times the size of their property here in cash, just because it costs so much more to purchase property, or the standard of living was so much higher up there than down here,”

Even Christina Pushaw on twitter commented on Gavin Newsom’s statement that Floridians lived under a dictatorship stating “But people are fleeing California in droves, while moving to Florida in droves. What kind of “dictatorship” has hundreds of thousands of people clamoring to move there every year?”

California has so much potential, it is a beautiful state that has amazing people in it. Yet liberal strongholds are holding back the rest of the state when it comes to policy making, and voting. We truly feel for those who are in the deeply Republican rural parts of the state who day by day become more and more disenfranchised by their elected leaders. However, with the skyrocketing property taxes, insane crime rates, and the homeless problem it seems that California is on a straight down trajectory, and who knows where the bottom is. Maybe one day decades from now, Californians will realize what has happened and people can correct it, but as of now it appears there is little hope for the state under Gavin Newsom.

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Next News Network Team

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