Texas Congressman Slams Biden Administration Over Insulting Behavior

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Republican Rep speaks out against President Joe Biden over his decision to not visit the country’s southern border as part of his trip to Texas this week and choose to exclude him from the tour. After all, why would a president go into a congressional district and not invite that district’s representative. Unless of course he had reasons not to want the congressman there.

Republican Rep. Tony Gonzales had strong words for the Biden administration after being excluded from a tour of facilities on the southern border. President Biden has made sweeping and radical immigration changes since taking office, but it seems he is reluctant to actually take a look at the situation “on-the-ground” and confront the real issue at hand. Leaving out the representative was not a wise move and the congressman made it known. What was the administration’s excuse? Let’s find out. 

Daily Wire reports, Rep. Tony Gonzales blasted President Joe Biden after he excluded him from a tour of southern border facilities.

His district, TX-23, covers a large swath of southwest Texas and includes more than half of the state’s border with Mexico. Over 500 miles separate El Paso County from La Salle County in the district.

Biden’s team rejected Gonzales’ request to join the president’s entourage on Sunday as Biden met with local and Border Patrol officials in El Paso over the immigration crisis.

The Congressman joined Fox News to discuss the issue in depth.

According to Fox News a White House spokesperson said, “As is often the case with presidential trips, we received multiple requests from lawmakers to join the President on this trip and were not able to accommodate all requests, from Republicans and Democrats alike, due to space constraints. Our legislative affairs team has been and will continue to remain in close touch with these lawmakers.”

During his first presidential visit to the U.S. southern border on Sunday, Biden stopped in El Paso on his way to a summit of North American leaders in Mexico City. Biden will meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to discuss illegal immigration and other issues under his presidency.

Biden spent a day in El Paso touring the city, which has drawn national media attention because of a large number of illegal immigrants living on its streets, as well as a small portion of the U.S. border. In the midst of the immigration crisis, Biden’s official itinerary missed some heavily impacted areas because migrant camps had reportedly been cleared before his visit.

Former Texas Representative Mayra Flores tweeted the major differences between El Paso before and during his visit. The obvious cover-up didn’t go unnoticed by Americans.

It’s no surprise this administration would take the opportunity to strategically sideline a key critic of their policy during an important trip, especially in the critic’s own district. It seems like this Administration doesn’t practice what it preaches when calling for partisanship and unity. Though it may seem like a bold move, it’s quite telling to see what lengths this Administration will go to cover up their agenda for re-election purposes and maintain public favor. Make no mistake about it, this was not just an innocent visit, it was a planned attempt to silence Americans who may criticize the president’s notions surrounding the border situation. After he can now say he was at the border and that’s all that matters to him.

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