Incredible News–Transportation Secretary Faces Reckoning As Republicans Unite In Protesting His Luxury Flights

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As Pete Buttigieg’s job failures continue to rise, his luxury flight logs have become a source of contention for many. Now, Republicans have seized on this opportunity with enthusiasm that will have every conservative cheering. 

With several months of flight disruptions and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg being “absent” from dealing with the chaos, Republicans are calling on him to fly commercially like everyone else. 

In the midst of an investigation being conducted by Southwest Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) has introduced legislation requiring Buttigieg and his staff to fly commercially, Townhall reports. 

A press release from Mace’s office reads, “In the past six months Sec. Buttigieg has flown private approximately 20 times. So, until the issues with Southwest and the FAA are investigated and resolved, he and his staff should be required to fly commercial just like every other American.”

Under the bill, titled Commercial Cabins for Cabinet Members, the GOP will have time to investigate the matter. 

As a result of a problem with the computer that generates alerts known as Notice to Air Missions, thousands of flights were grounded on Wednesday, leaving people stranded at airports once again.

Buttigieg promised in a news conference to find out why the system malfunctioned. 

As bad as this was, it was nothing compared to Southwest Airlines’ weeklong debacle over the holiday season because of internal problems. 

Many Republicans have called for Buttigieg to step down from his post, calling for new leadership. 

One example calling for Buttigieg’s resignation is Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who said that the FAA issue this week “highlights why the public needs a competent, proven leader with substantive aviation experience leading the FAA.”

It is disgraceful that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has failed to adhere to the same rules that he enforces on ordinary American citizens. Despite months of flight disruptions, leaving people struggling, Buttigieg has remained absent from his post, offering no help or guidance, and remarkably continued flying private. Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace has rightfully called attention to this issue and introduced legislation demanding the secretary fly commercially, just like everyone else. Republicans nationwide have united in their protest of the underqualified Buttigieg’s egregious display of privilege, exclaiming “rules for thee but not for me,” as they call for his resignation immediately.

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