SCANDAL REVEALED: CNN Response Stuns Witnesses, How Far Will They Go To Cover For Joe?

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It looks like the the fakest name in news is at it again! CNN has come up with the most outrageous excuse yet to try and explain the Biden administration’s unlawful handling of classified documents–one that would make even Stalin proud.

Information surrounding the chaotic cover-up of the new president’s recent misdeeds is quickly circulating and the repercussions could be catastrophic if the facts are not exposed soon. Witnesses are stunned by the sheer audacity of this outlandish story, trying to comprehend how far Biden allies will go to control and manipulate the narrative in question. The extent of this scandal is yet to be seen, but no one can deny that Joe Biden’s connection to secret hidden documents is becoming harder to conceal with each passing moment.

Red State reports, In case you thought Joe Biden illegally kept classified information for six years following his vice presidency was scandalous, CNN is here to clarify.

Legacy cable news outlet CNN has a new piece out that would make Stalin proud – despite its declaration to return to hard news and unbiased reporting. Essentially, they claim that Biden is completely innocent because his final days as vice president were a whirlwind, and the classified documents were probably taken by accident, moved to multiple locations, including the president’s house, and kept for more than half a decade.

As a way to cover up Biden’s possession of classified documents at multiple locations, CNN chose to use an image of Biden receiving the Medal of Freedom.

As CNN Politics continues to pump up the narrative, it tweeted this image attempting to draw distinctions between President Joe Biden’s and former President Donald Trump’s classified document incidents.

During the CNN discussion of Biden’s classified documents, a CNN guest said, “type of mishandling happens all the time”

Note that in 2018, Hunter Biden claimed to own the house where Joe Biden kept classified documents next to his Corvette.

This prompted Tom Elliot to tweet a question at the FBI asking, “Have we checked if there are any classified documents at the crackhouse where Hunter spent most of the Obama Admin? And/or at the strip club where he met his daughter’s mom? Let’s leave no stone unturned here.”

At MSNBC the narrative to downplay “GARAGEGATE” continued as MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin declared, There’s nothing to indicate, that President Biden took these documents willfully or retained them willfully.

It’s pathetic how the major news outlets are scrambling to run cover and make excuses for Joe Biden’s probable crimes. No matter how hectic Biden’s days were as vice president, there is still no explanation for who took the classified documents and moved them to multiple locations over the span of a decade. CNN and MSNBC state the chaotic nature of Biden’s final days in office, yet fail to address the obvious details of what happened. To distract from responsibility, they even went so far as to use a picture of Biden receiving a medal and crying. The press intentionally presents perspectives that do not add up in order to conceal potentially serious offenses committed by Democrats, and this lack of journalistic integrity is nothing but disgusting.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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