HAUNTING: Punishing Numbers Show How Little America Means to the Youth; What Can We Do?

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 A sad report has come out showing just how far America has fallen with Gen Z, and explains why America is heading for a dark direction.

It is shamefully disheartening to see that a new generation of Americans have strayed so far from the appreciation for this country. After all, the United States of America is arguably the greatest country on the planet; one that has provided freedom, stability, and economic prosperity to its citizens.

Daily wire reports, Morning Consult’s survey released this week revealed a decline in pride in the United States of America among demographics, especially Generation Z adults.

According to Gen Z adults, the United States has extremely low ratings when it comes to living in their country. Only 16% of Gen Z adults said they were proud to live in this country, compared with 52% of all U.S. adults. Among baby boomers, 73% said they were proud, 54% among Gen Xers, and 36% among millennials.

Several surveys shed light on how Gen Z operates, and the report revealed a divide between age groups. The demographic values in terms of where they spend their money was notable. Those born between 1997 and 2012 are considered members of Generation Z.

There may be some glimmer of hope for gen z. 

Hot air writes,  there may be some reason for optimism. More than twice as many millennials feel patriotic about America despite having the same or similar education. Traveling abroad or learning about life in countries outside the US indirectly may give them that experience. Gen-Xers got the political-correctness education, and the majority of them understand the value of America. Even if it takes a while, Gen-Z adults may have hope. In reality, the real lesson is that we need to educate our children better – not indoctrinate them, but provide a foundation in civics and history that does not undermine our institutions.

Let’s all marvel at the irony that the most patriotic demo in this survey is the Baby Boomers – the free love, hippie, anarchic generation that has spent its entire existence rebelling against its parents. 

It is no surprise that, after all the catastrophes and political turmoil this country has experienced in recent years, only 16% of Generation Z are proud to call America their home. Freedom is not free and we must be ever vigilant to ensure our nation continues to remain a beacon of light for freedom and democracy throughout the world. Despite its seemingly endless financial, social and political issues, the United States of America is still considered by the majority to be one of the best countries on Earth.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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