INFURIATING: Evidence Mounts On Biden’s Twisted Attempts to Deceive Nation on Immigration Policy

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 Senator Kennedy is raising eyebrows with his latest bombshell revelation – he doesn’t believe Biden’s recent visit to the border achieved anything more than to raise more questions. This trip came on the heels of reports that the administration has been covering up the severity of the crisis, and Kennedy’s outspokenness casts doubt on these claims. With experts across the political spectrum doubting this “photo op” and the motives behind it, it appears that Biden’s stunt may have just backfired.

Senator John Kennedy has expressed concern over President Biden’s border visit, suggesting that it may not be a genuine attempt to address the current immigration crisis. This comes after years of frustration, during which the president failed to come see firsthand the conditions his policies had caused. While it took this long for the administration to recognize what is happening at its own border, let us hope that this time they take real steps to solve the issue.

Fox News reports, Sen. John Kennedy, reacted to President Biden making his first trip to the U.S.-Mexico border since being elected to the presidency on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

Like always he did not hold back when it came to telling the harsh truth, but did so with a touch of southern humor.

Senator Kennedy continued to outline a series of policies the present could implement to prove to the American people that the visit was not political theater. After watching what seemed to be a waste of time, the American people are still left with the puzzling thought of, what did that visit accomplish?

Here’s the senator pointing out his biggest concern about what took place.

Americans saw the same thing Senator Kenedy saw yet the White House saw something completely different. Karine

The Washington Examiner reported, in a statement on Wednesday, the White House defended President Joe Biden’s record on immigration, saying he had done more to secure the southern border than any other president.

Which later prompted Peter Doocy to ask Karine the difficult question, posing, ‘Why didn’t President Biden want to see what’s really going on at the border?’

And all hell broke loose.

In spite of Jean-Pierre’s word salad, illegal border crossings have skyrocketed since Biden took office. Approximately 300,000 immigrants crossed the border in fiscal 2020, followed by 2.1 million in 2021 and 2.4 million last year.

CLOSE. It’s incredibly concerning to see the current administration use desperate maneuvers to visit an orchestrated border instead of making a genuine effort to resolve the issues at hand. It is impossible for a problem to simply disappear overnight, especially when it comes to a city as devastated as it previously was. This desperate attempt at looking out for themselves is insulting to our intelligence. Instead of appearing concerned about the Immigration crisis, this administration seems more focused on putting on a show for their own personal gain. This must stop. It’s becoming increasingly exhausting to complain about the same issue, or maybe that’s their plan all along.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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