DEMS ABSOLUTE POWER PLAY? Law To Punish Whites Who Speak Out Against Minorities!

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We should all be astounded and outraged at the sheer audacity of the Democrats. Their attempt to fully impose fascism on American citizens is simply unacceptable, and their proposal for thought crimes legislation goes against everything that the Constitution promises us. It’s like 1984 in real life; Big Brother is here and he’s trying to control what we can and cannot say or think.

The left is always trying to find ways to limit people’s freedom to express themselves, whether online or in person. To limit free speech, Democrats are making a huge move to have thought crimes become a reality.

Red State reports. Democrats aren’t interested in “content of character” stuff just because it’s Martin Luther King Day.

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee, long in the running for being the most vapid member of Congress (oops, did I just commit a crime?) has proposed legislation that would make political criticism of minorities a federal offense.

White people who “vilify” non-white people and have those words end up on social media, accessible by people who are predisposed to acting in any way that furthers white supremacy-inspired hate crimes would themselves be charged with committing a federal crime, in what can only be described as a convoluted mess.

Ian Miles Cheong tweeted “Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has introduced a House Bill to criminalize “conspiracy to commit white supremacy,” which includes any criticism of non-white people that influences (such as something published or said online) someone who commits a hate crime. “

The provision is so broad that a Mack truck could drive through it. Under this statute, what constitutes a “white supremacy-inspired hate crime”? What does “replacement theory” mean? It is often the case that what Democrats call “replacement theory” is not replacement theory at all but a reiteration of Democrat-admitted aims to influence elections with immigration.

Furthermore, “or ” in section (B) leaves “vilifies” as a stand-alone qualifier. In this case, what is the limiting principle? Under this proposed law, is posting on social media that Sheila Jackson Lee is an ignorant, abusive person who has a history of treating her staff like dirt “vilifying” her? That would certainly seem to be the case.

There doesn’t appear to be any requirement that the “two or more persons” targeted under this statute have any real connection to one another. Upon someone’s committing a “white supremacy-inspired hate crime” against a person, if I’ve been politically criticizing that same person on social media, then I am now guilty of a federal offense.

In the event that this law passes, it would be used to quash legitimate political criticism of any non-white person or group (for instance, the Black Lives Matter movement), since those who levy such criticism might be held criminally liable. In addition to violating the First Amendment, it reveals Lee’s wild desire for totalitarianism.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has completely taken things too far this time. With her attempt to propose legislation that would punish citizens – specifically white people – for criticizing minorities, the Democrats have taken a disturbing step toward a 1984-style dystopian future of thought crime and oppressive, fascist dictation of what the public can and cannot say. This sort of legislation goes against everything the Constitution stands for, yet these Democratic politicians are brazenly attempting to impose it on sedentary citizens anyway. We must reject this initiative and protect our right to criticize each other as we see fit, lest Big Brother crush all free speech in his choke hold across America.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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