Texas Targeted By Biden’s Thought Police!

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The sickening liberal lunacy does not stop! According to a medical watchdog group, Covenant Medical Center in West Texas required its employees to take an implicit bias training that labeled the very question “Do you speak English” as a microaggression.

It’s absurd to believe this training was even deemed necessary, yet another illustration of the pervasiveness of woke ideals and liberal lunacy taking over. 

Washington Examiner reports, The West Texas healthcare system required employees to take implicit bias training that said asking someone if they spoke English was a microaggression. 

According to documents obtained by the medical watchdog group Do No Harm and shared with the Washington Examiner, Covenant Medical Center in Texas required its employees to complete an implicit bias training that included a list of microaggressions that should be apologized for, including asking if someone spoke English and asking to speak with a manager.

A six-step apology process is outlined in the slides for “owning our behavior” after committing a microaggression. As the first step, acknowledge a harm has been committed and offer to “repair the issue.” To complete the apology, one must “repent for the problem” and “request forgiveness.”

“Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” are “central goals” of Providence’s workplace culture, according to its diversity website.

The healthcare system says it prioritizes diversity in hiring and promotion decisions and has a “zero-tolerance” policy for “behavior that perpetuates bias or stereotypes.” It also asserts a commitment to “health equity” and acknowledges that longstanding inequities have contributed to health disparities..”

Laura Morgan, Do No Harm Program Manager, told the Washington Examiner the Covenant Medical Center documents “show how deeply embedded radical ideologies have become in America’s healthcare system.”

In Morgan’s opinion, Covenant and other integrated health systems must abandon dubious, agenda-driven ideologies and provide employees with the best training in patient care.”

So how does the hospital system expect to find out if someone needs a translator? What if the situation is critical and they begin to talk to the person, they clearly don’t speak English, but some Asian language that is hard to differentiate between languages, and they desperately need a translator to figure out what happened to them. I guess that what hospital insurance is for, to pay for the mistakes bad management makes. This type of training is getting a little absurd, even for the leftists who agree with the necessity of the training, only time will tell how much further these agendas will go, and how many people will be negatively impacted by the decisions to implement bad ideas.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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