PREPARING FOR WAR? Trump and House Committee Take BOLD Measures Against Chinese Subversion

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Trump and the House Oversight and Accountability Committee have come out fighting hard against China’s subversion of the United States, exposing suspicious donations from Beijing to the Biden-Harris administration. Trump has called out corrupt Democrat and RINO politicians for spending trillions of dollars on ‘green New Deal nonsense’ and foreign wars, while giving hefty benefits to illegal aliens. He’s finally drawn a line in the sand, demonstrating that he won’t be taken for a ride by an increasingly aggressive Chinese state. While Trump is known for his distinctly confrontational style, it seems that this time he’s here to get serious about taking China down a peg or two .

Trump just released a bold warning video to China, and you’re about to see it here! Trump’s message is clear: while corrupt Democrats and establishment politicians in Washington waste trillions of dollars on the green New Deal and foreign wars, they are neglecting their responsibility in protecting American workers and our economy from being bought up by China. Trump is standing firm against Beijing’s efforts to gain control of more of America’s economic influence, and it is time for Washington to join him.

President Trump’s assurances that America’s future will remain firmly in American hands should generate a sense of pride and hope among Americans. As an additional reminder of that message, we need only to look back to his successful first term as President, where he kept the values and promises of an America-first agenda alive. America was stronger then than ever before and will be again if we keep this message at the forefront of our collective national consciousness. It is an amazing message President Trump has already given us – now it is up to us as individuals and citizens to embrace these ideals if we want to secure an even brighter future for generations to come.

Meanwhile, Rep. James Comer, the Chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, recently sounded the alarm on Real America’s Voice regarding anonymous donations from China to the Penn Biden Center where classified documents were found. Rep. Comer also sent a letter to University President M. Elizabeth Magill, requesting information and an account of these potentially influential donations and their impact on policy decisions made by the Biden Administration. This deeply concerning revelation has caused Rep. Comer to raise issues about the integrity of government policies and calls for action to be taken quickly in order to ensure future transparency in decision-making processes.

His statement, which you just watched, is the result of a letter sent to university President M. Elizabeth Magill by committee Chairman Rep. James Comer requesting the information and a story about the donations connected to now-President Biden’s possible mishandling of classified documents from his time as vice president. It was discovered in November 2020 that some of these documents were present in Biden’s former Washington, D.C., office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, although news of this only came out recently. According to media reports, the classified documents included materials related to Iran and Ukraine raising serious questions that must be answered immediately on who knew what and when they knew it.

President Trump and the House Oversight and Accountability Committee have made it absolutely clear that enough is enough- time for action is now. As time passes, China’s plans of subverting the United States become more and more noticeable – recent evidence showing Beijing may have sent suspicious donations to the Biden-Harris administration has only further seen this point driven home. Trump has intransigently called out both dishonest Democrats and RINO politicians who’ve sunk over $Trillions into nonsensical ‘green New Deal’ initiatives and foreign wars instead of investing in American citizens, as well as allowing for Bountiful benefits to be given to illegal aliens. It’s time, says the President, to draw a line in the sand and prove that we will not be taken advantage of anymore. With his notoriously confrontational attitude firmly at the ready, it appears becoming Trump is here with a renewed sense of vigor- it’s time to take China down from its perch atop the US.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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