‘COOKING CRIME?’ Americans Outraged as NBC Takes Away Your Right to Choose a Gas Stove

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Last week’s nonsense from the Consumer Product Safety Commission showed that the war against oil was more alive than ever. NBC’s Today took up this woke banner by coming out heavily against people using gas stoves and pushing incredibly expensive induction stoves as a supposed alternative. It’s as if someone at NBC decided to channel their inner liberal extremist voice and preach about any Big Government conspiracy without looking at facts, such as gas stoves being dangerous. The groupthink is astounding, but not surprising when you realize these decisions are coming from an unelected bureaucrat.

The nonsense has gone too far; the war against oil has officially infiltrated into our everyday lives. In what seems like a corporate scam to sell induction stoves, the mainstream media has gone full throttle on this woke propaganda pushed by the government. Natural gas stoves that us Americans have been accustomed to for years are now considered virtually illegal, taking away our freedom of choice in our own kitchens!

News busters reports. In the wake of last week’s controversy over the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s proposal to ban gas stoves nationwide, NBC’s Today came out against your freedom of choice. The liberal journalists promoted the debunked study that purportedly linked gas stoves to asthma and urged people to buy induction stoves, ignoring the fact that they can cost more than three times as much.



There is one problem with the mainstream medias narrative on the gas stove being linked to asthma.

Washington Examiner notes. As Brock failed to point out, the study contradicts a 2013 study from the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood, which found there was “no evidence of an association between the use of gas as a cooking fuel and either asthma symptoms or asthma diagnosis,”

Brock’s cited study author even walked back his findings, telling the Examiner that it “‘does not assume or estimate a causal relationship’ between childhood asthma and natural gas stoves.”

Brock did have an anecdotal and non-scientific account from a mother who claims her son’s asthma improved after moving out of a gas stove house.

To counter the outrage over banning existing gas stoves, Brock teamed up with the owner of an appliance store in Orlando, Florida to run an infomercial for induction stoves. The owner, Jeff Jaskot even boasted about going to Washington, D.C. to lobby for the forced adoption of induction stove tops

Wow! The Government wants everything electric so they can turn your whole house off if you don’t fit their social narrative. NBC’s Today news show has gone woke and taken up this banner, pushing hard for people to ditch their freedom of choice in how they cook–namely, gas stoves–and instead push to buy induction tops. This blatant government censorship is outrageous and indicative of how far these policies are veering away from people’s basic rights. It’s no surprise that this ploy conveniently omits the fact that induction stoves could cost 3X more than gas stoves. We must resist this nonsense and keep our right to choose what fuels our meals – or else face an Orwellian future controlled by big government!

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