CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!! Kerry’s Money Grab To Fund Climate Change!

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John Kerry and other so-called political activists have become downright radical in their efforts to promote their progressive agenda, as we witnessed at this past World Economic Forum. Despite the mounting evidence against climate change, John Kerry decided to use his platform to boldly proclaim that three things can magically single handedly turn back the clock on global warming–a bold assertion with no scientific backing. The brazen audacity of individuals like John Kerry to continue perpetrating misinformation and hysteria proves how deeply rooted their desperation truly is.

Money, money, money. As former Secretary of State, John Kerry has a long history of attention- grabbing attempts to draw resources to the global climate change problem. At the World Economic Forum, he tried to spark interest from those with big wallets by dedicating his time and energy to this extreme cause. However, there are many different causes in need of attention and funds, yet Kerry insists on pushing towards funding one issue alone. While this may appear noble to those who champion environmental causes, his calls for money and resources come off uninspiring to anyone not already fully committed to this movement – as if a monetary donation could be the magical solution that changes it all until the next crisis comes about.

American Lookout reports, Former secretary of state John Kerry spoke out loud about the quiet part this week at the World Economic Forum.

In his remarks, Kerry admitted that fighting climate change will cost a lot of money. We should remember that none of those private jets at the WEF pay for themselves.

John Kerry, the United States’ climate envoy, says that despite nearly a $1 trillion commitment to various causes in the last few years, only 2% of this money goes toward climate change.

It’s estimated that $7.5 billion to $12.5 billion of global philanthropy is directed toward climate action, he said during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos. As part of his call to action, he and others urged philanthropies around the world to contribute more to climate action.

Let’s take a look at John Kerry letting the cat out of the bag. He begs for more money because $12.5 billion isn’t enough for him to live his luxurious lifestyle.

After his viral admission to the money grab that climate change is, people took to Twitter to mock what we already knew.

Conservative commentator Graham Allen responded:

John Kerry claims we need more “money” to fight Climate Change yet flies a private jet….

@Kun_Tzu, A constitutionalist libertarian hit the nail and tweeted:

When John Kerry says it will cost lots of money, money, money to fight climate change, he is talking about your money, not his.

John Kerry’s scare tactics and relentless attempts to convince us of the urgent need to protect our environment through outrageous applications are nothing more than a smokescreen. Conservatives have known for years that those in power have no real interest in the environment — they just want expensive benefits for themselves at the expense of everyday citizens. No one truly wins in this situation; ordinary individuals are left to struggle with monthly expenses while wealthy individuals and government officials throw away their money on ‘climate change measures’, because, realistically, only those with disposable income seem to be concerned about it. Don’t fall for John Kerry’s devious ploy – take a step back and ask yourself, is it really worth donating hundreds of dollars when you don’t even know where your money is going?

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