Texas on Alert! Staggering Amount of Immigrants Just Entered State

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Despite this administration’s efforts to keep us in the dark, our border continues to be wracked by numerous illegal alien breaches. Every week it seems like there is another story about someone crossing illegally and evading authorities. It is worrisome that we cannot and do not seem to have control of our borders anymore, yet leftist politicians remain largely silent on dealing with the issue.

The United States Border Patrol reported that a staggering number of migrants were apprehended along the Texas border with Mexico. While this highlights the urgency of reinforcing our borders, it is worth noting that 3,400 migrants successfully managed to make their way past our protective agents. This indicates that much needs to be done in order to uphold our borders and protect America’s security. These numbers are currently down so imagine just how many normally come across.  

Breitbart reports, Last week, Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 7,000 migrants along the Texas-Mexico border. The remaining 3,400 migrants got away without being apprehended.

Jason D. Owens, Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent, tweeted a weekly recap last week indicating that 6923 migrants were apprehended. Chief Owens also reported 3,403 escaped migrants.

Apprehended migrants came from 79 different countries. According to Owens, the group consisted of 13 criminal aliens, three sex offenders, and one person with a firearm.

Seven large groups of migrants were encountered by the agents. In comparison to previous weeks, this is a significant decline.

Del Rio Sector weekly recaps have been unavailable since December 12, 2022, when Owens reported nearly 11,000 migrants had been detained. According to that tweet, 3,208 got-aways have been reported and nearly 14,000 border crossers have been documented.

Randy Clark reported in December that the Department of Homeland Security had put a gag order on CBP employees. Breitbart reviewed the order, which prohibited Border Patrol managers from releasing interim arrest statistics such as the weekly recaps tweeted by Owens and other sector chiefs.

What the gag order does is restrict/reduce weekly reporting that people are used to see from border patrol agents online.

This order was issued under the title “Department of Homeland Security Office of Public Affairs (DHS OPA) guidance on social media coordination in light of Title 42 lifting.” It was clarified later to impose a ban on direct communication with outlets regarding the release of migrant apprehension statistics without the approval of DHS.

The order prevents the public from seeing routine posts such as these from their border patrol.

It is already evident from the lack of routine posts on social media accounts from several Border Patrol sectors that the order is having an effect. Weekend or weekly recaps of migrant crossing statistics and other notable enforcement actions are often included in the content.

The safety and security of all the citizens in our nation should be top priority. It is disgusting to see how intentional the government appears to be in regard to illegal criminals ravaging our border states. We, as a nation, cannot operate this way: crimes being pushed onto innocent people. The current leaders are setting up ordinary citizens for failure while also endangering lives; this is unacceptable behavior and action needs to be taken immediately before more heinous crimes occur and no amount of prudence can reverse the damages done. Don’t let this tragedy stay hidden from you: speak out, demand justice and accountability from those falling short of protecting everyone within the border.This administration will continue to have blood on their hands every time an innocent American citizen dies because of these border policies.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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