Gotham Chaos – Radicals Force Prosecutors to Give Up

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 New York has long been a metropolitan city of tremendous light and prosperity, yet the looming threat of crime still plagues many communities. Though the state is upholding its liberal/progressive values with new laws that have become synonymous with the term ‘woke’, they are not doing much to quell the issue of criminal activity. It’s hard to say when New York will be able to solve this pressing problem.

New Yorkers are faced with an influx of crime, thanks to soft-on-crime policies that reign in the Democrat-run city. In response to the soaring crime rates, new laws were put in place to release suspects without necessarily punishing them for their wrongdoings; a move which had only served to enhance New York’s growing crime problem. Rather than dissuading criminal behavior, these light sentences seem to be legalizing a sense of impunity amongst today’s criminals. When will New York voters say enough is enough?

Town Hall reports, due to soft-on-crime policies and Democrat-run leaders, New York City is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the U.S. 

Prosecutors are forced to release suspects under a new law, putting them back on the street without consequences, which exacerbates the city’s crime problem. 

Fox 5 New York reported on how the New York community is being affected.

According to a new study obtained by the New York Post, 69 percent of criminal cases were dropped due to justice “reforms.”

According to the Manhattan Institute, 44 percent of cases were dismissed in 2019, the year new “discovery” rules were adopted by state lawmakers. By mid-October 2021, 69 percent of cases were dismissed. During the same period, the misdemeanor rate increased from 49 percent to 82 percent.

While at the Anti-Crime SUMMIT in New York City the Manhattan district attorney had this to say:

In just the last two years, New York City crime rates reached record levels. 

“From 2019 to 2021, adult felony arrests fell by 14 percent in New York City, while shootings rose by 102 percent and murders by 51 percent,” the study noted. 

Moreover, 40 percent of ADAs have quit since the discovery law went into effect, crippling the justice system. According to New York’s progressive governor, Kathy Hochul (D-NY), data do not support bail reform as the solution.

New York has been enduring some devastating issues, the primary one being crime, which has been continuously used as fodder for both Mayor Adam and Governor Kathy Hochul’s political rhetoric. Inevitably, their hype-filled promises of remedying the problems at hand through a hard police crackdown have gone completely unheeded–one full year since its onset and we are no closer to finding real solutions. This is perhaps not so shocking in Kathy Hochul’s case, given her previous lack of effort or involvement when it came to truly tackling crime prior to taking office, but it remains an enormously concerning issue that New Yorkers desperately need help with–help that neither Kathy nor Mayor Adam seem capable of delivering.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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