Millennials Ruined?? Listen to What Home Depot Founder Says

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Bernie Marcus, one of the co-founders of Home Depot, has shocked many with his harsh comments about the younger woke generation, that refuses to work.

The businessman has appeared on Fox News to express deep concerns about how companies are struggling due to younger peoples’ woke agenda and their overall sense of entitlement. This is leading to potential inflation in the economy as well as a failing workforce, which he blames squarely on “lazy liberals.” With society increasingly becoming dependent on woke culture, one can only question what would happen to our economy if young people continue down this path. 

Daily Wire reports, Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, denounced the younger “woke generation” for being lazy.

In an interview with Fox News, the businessman said companies are having trouble attracting and retaining young workers. According to him, the phenomenon is a result of a rise in socialistic attitudes and a prevailing sense of entitlement.


When asked how to explain how the new generation is not willing to work Bernie Marcus hada sharp reply.

While Bernie laid into the new generation that does not want to work, to back his point there is federal aid for those who want to remain at home.

Daily wire reports. According to a study by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, families of four with neither parent working can receive welfare benefits worth more than six figures per year in Washington, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

A previous analysis from the conservative think tank found that federal supplemental unemployment benefits, food stamp extensions, child tax credits, and other benefits offered in the aftermath of the lockdown-induced recession could exceed $120,000 in multiple states as labor market tensions were exacerbated by these handouts.

Even with the expiration of the supplemental programs, the more recent study found that unemployment insurance and the “dramatic recent expansion of ObamaCare subsidies” can exceed the national median income in 24 states for families with two parents and two children, according to the analysis, which was completed by University of Chicago economist Casey Mulligan and Heritage Foundation research fellow EJ Antoni.

In what appears to be a shot at woke liberals, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus blasted the current younger generation for their sense of entitlement and laziness. He believes that office people in particular are the least willing to work – a sentiment sure to outrage woke agenda-pushers who try to promote greater social and economic justice. With both inflation and unemployment on the rise, it’s no wonder our economy is in sharp decline when this entitled generation is the predominant portion of our workforce. But something needs to change and quickly, or this nation will grind to a halt without a workforce.

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