Americans Vow to Arrest Out-of-Control Spending!

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In what seems like a shocking rebuke of President Biden’s spending proposals, a majority of likely voters surveyed in the United States by Rasmussen Reports say they’d rather have the government shut down than have Congress approve more inflation-causing spending.

In a recent discovery, a Rasmussen Reports poll has revealed that more than half of the likely voters in the United States would rather have a partial government shutdown than accept more spending approved by Congress. As inflation and spending becomes unmanageable under President Biden’s failed policies, preserving America’s economy remains top priority.

Breitbart reports, The majority of likely voters in the United States prefer a shutdown over more spending by Congress.

56 percent of respondents to Rasmussen Reports prefer a partial government shutdown until Congress cuts spending or keeps it the same. To avoid a government shutdown, only 34 percent would prefer higher spending levels.

Additionally, when looked at by party, 73 percent of Republicans and 56 percent of independent respondents said they would prefer a partial government shutdown until Congress can figure out a way to cut spending or keep it the same, while only 41 percent of Democrats expressed the same sentiment. Conversely, more Democrats (50 percent) favor more spending to avoid a government shutdown.

House Republicans are bracing for battle over the debt ceiling, and are rallying to stop the Government insanity.

Breitbart notes, Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) urged Democrats on Tuesday to negotiate a deal that would cut spending and raise the debt ceiling.

Mccarthy stated “ I would like to sit down with all the leaders and especially the president and start having discussions”

Janet Yellen said the debt ceiling would edge closer to the debt ceiling on Thursday; however, Yellen said she would take “extraordinary measures” to extend the deadline.

Before the federal government gets too close to the June deadline, McCarthy called for negotiations to begin.

Speaker Mccarthy stated, “Who wants to put the nation through some type of threat at the last minute with the debt ceiling? Nobody wants to do that.”

Joe Biden called Republicans “fiscally demented,” and the White House says it won’t negotiate the debt ceiling, urging Congress not to cut spending.

White house Press Secretary tore into the Republicans plans to stop increasing national debt.


The poll results are shocking, and demonstrate just how willing US citizens are to prioritize fiscal responsibility over inflation caused by frivolous government spending. President Biden has failed to lead the economy in a responsible direction, while President Trump’s efforts at lowering budget deficits were largely successful. It would seem that the majority of Americans feel that continuing down this path is essential to safeguarding their economic future. We need a strong business leader back in the White House, if we have another 4 years of a Biden led economy we will no longer have a country.

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