Pence HUMILIATED! CBS Overjoyed With State Secrets At Home

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The nation is abuzz with news of yet another classified document scandal, this one now involving Mike Pence who has been caught storing top secret files in his own home. With recent stories of a potential breach of national security by the former Vice President himself, many are wondering just how this establishment Boy Scout could have gotten past our government’s strict regulations. CBS, however, appears to be rejoicing over the scandal as they uncover the developing story.

Mike Pence has not quite been living up to the description of a “boy scout” he’s made himself out to be. On Tuesday, it was revealed that he had documents marked as classified in his Carmel, Indiana home. This prompted an examination not only of his home but also the office of his political advocacy group, Advancing American Freedom. Being a former VP himself, many are asking questions including how these documents ended up being discovered so long after his administration and what exactly is contained within them. 

And right on cue, CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell and chief White House correspondent Nancy Cordes appeared to be beside themselves with excitement Tuesday over the news that former Vice President Mike Pence was in possession of about a dozen classified documents at his home.

The relief on their faces was almost obvious, as they presumably saw it as evidence that other high-ranking government officials, like Pence, have also mishandled such sensitive information.

These recent events are either indicative of a Deep State-run cleaning house, or it reveals the deeply concerning truth that the federal executive branch has long been plagued with incompetent and careless personnel.

While this revelation has caused public outrage, I think Adam Schiff should be the next target of an FBI raid.

Despite his position as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee granting him access to all sort of classified information, Schiff boldly proclaimedTuesday that he had never taken any of such docs home due to his “paranoia”.

The recent discovery of classified markings on documents stored at Mike Pence’s Indiana home has caused shockwaves throughout the nation. The entirety of the federal executive branch appears to be in disarray, raising questions about if there was an attempt by a Deep State to clean House. CBS appears to enjoy this scandal, but these political players need to understand that no one is above following the rules – Adam Schiff included. But since Adam Schiff is a habitual liar, we may suggest he be the next target for an FBI raid as a way to thoroughly vet exactly what classified information he does possess and where he’s storing it. In any case it is definitely a humbling experience for Mike Pence and is a reminder that politicians must always remain aware of the fundamental rules governing classified documents.

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Next News Network Team

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