Global Warning: Hear Donald Trump Announcing His Plan Against Joe Biden & Dirty DC Politics!

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It is must-see news, President Trump has made an important international statement about Joe Biden’s ‘put us all at risk’ move. After what seemed like a never ending cycle of global tensions, Donald Trump has stepped up to the plate and declared war against the unseen corruption in Washington D.C. seen with Biden sending tanks to Ukraine and other not-so-appropriate political dealings. We must prepare for imminent change; Donald Trump is on a mission to clean out the DC rot and his must see video declaration announcing his plan will take us on that journey, leaving no room for error! Get ready – massive change is coming – will President Donald Trump be able to remove the blackened stain of Washington DC politics? Trump’s impactful message affects the global picture and why his statement should be heard by the Biden administration in order to bring true peace in these troubled times.

In light of President Joe Biden’s announcement that the US was sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine as the country battles Russia, President Donald Trump has called for the war to end. 

Thursday morning, Trump posted to Truth Social, “FIRST COME THE TANKS, THEN COME THE NUKES. Get this crazy war ended, NOW. So easy to do!”

Then, in a bold declaration, Trump has warned the swamp monsters and their international cronies around the world that he will cleanse Washington DC of corruption and rot.

The message is clear and the swamp should be terrified.

Trump’s declaration comes after the Biden administration announced Wednesday that tanks would be sent to combat Russian aggression. Earlier in the day, German counselor Olag Scholz announced that his nation would also be sending tanks.

Ukraine President Zelensky thanked the U.S. for its donation of tanks, however, in an absolutely appalling move, said his country still needs long-range missiles and jets.

Zelensky said Wednesday, “We have to unlock the supply of long-range missiles to Ukraine; it is important for us to expand our cooperation in artillery.”

So far, the US has provided Ukraine with several emergency funding packages, the largest of which was $40 billion. The $3.75 billion also includes heavy weapons worth billions of dollars that were sent to kick off 2023.

With rising tensions in Ukraine, President Trump will put an end to this war. Trump has had enough of Zelensky’s never-ending demand for additional funding packages from America and Trump is not letting him get away with it. Trump is calling out Biden’s reckless decision to send tanks to Ukraine and has declared plans to put a stop to it. Trump also intends to look closely into corruption plaguing Washington D.C., promising swift action against those responsible for it. Trump’s battle cries easily show that he will do whatever it takes to protect the world against a potential WW3 and clean out the DC swamp once and for all! It remains to be seen what Trump can truly do, but one thing’s certain: 2023 won’t be business as usual.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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