Schiff DEFIANT After Getting Axed?! Adam’s SHOCKING TikTok Video After Getting Fired!

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Are you ready for a good laugh? Because after getting fired from the House Intel Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff is making waves with his response. Let’s just say nobody expected Schiff to make this move that some are calling simply “dumb.”

Representative Adam Schiff has been booted from the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. As a result, Hakeem Jeffries, the House Minority Leader, demanded a reappointment. Despite Jeffries’ protestations, McCarthy stood his ground, blocking Jeffries’ request.

Now, Redstate is reporting that Schiff, being the shameless attention seeker he is, could not accept the consequences of his own actions. 

In the midst of lying to the American people for four years and attempting to get social media companies to censor speech, he is now whining uncontrollably about being removed from the Intel Committee, as if it were his birthright to serve on one of the nation’s most important and powerful committees.

The medium in which Schiff chose to cry on is what raised eyebrows.

Schiff posted his first-ever video on the Chinese TikTok app to cry about his demotion.

As noted by FOX News, at least 30 states have banned TikTok from government devices because of concerns about spyware, so Schiff complaining about losing access to sensitive national intelligence data seemed hypocritical to many Twitter users.

Senator Ted Cruz’s advisor Steve Guest tweeted, “First thing Adam Schiff does once he gets removed from the Intel committee was post a video asking for money on a Chinese Communist Party  spyware and propaganda platform. Too rich.”

RealClearInvestigations senior writer Mark Hemingway added, “He’s so invested in America’s national security he’s… whining about it on a Chinese espionage site.”

Daily Caller editor Rebecca Downs commented, “Oh dear God. Of all the dumb dumb dumb things to say/ways to respond. He had to do this from TikTok?!? China is laughing at us, but what else is new.”

Schiff continued his series of headline news shenanigans by announcing his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif on Thursday.

Schiff was resoundingly mocked for his campaign announcement, as expected.

Jenna Ellis tweeted, “When will he learn that no one likes him?”

Another added, “Adam Schiff spent his time on the House Intel Committee using his position as an excuse to lie to Americans and leak classified information to get media attention. Just imagine how much worse it could be if he ends up in the Senate.”

Another person noted the timing of Schiff’s announcement, calling it, “hilarious.”

Adam Schiff’s unreal reaction to his removal from the Intelligence Committee is a telltale sign of how petty and irrelevant he has become. From his making of a cringy video on TikTok to the pathetic launch of his Senate campaign, this entire episode has been nothing but an embarrassment for him. We can only hope that he takes the hint and goes away, otherwise the entire clown show will just continue and the world will continue to laugh at us. Enough is enough.

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