Shocking Exchange: Mike Pompeo Confronts CBS’s Gayle King and Wins!

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Mike Pompeo gave an interesting schooling session with a top democrat donor this week and showed us why it’s important to share the gift of knowledge and truth to these liberals… Let’s see what he had to say..

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo launched his book tour all the while Pompeo calmly addressed controversial issues including gun control, trustworthiness, and the increasing politicization of January 6. In his conversation with host Gayle King, he explained his position on key issues and refuted her arguments.The interview showed a hot and cold side of a man considering a run for president in 2024.

News Buster reports, as part of his Never Give an Inch: Fighting for the America I Love book tour, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed gun control, trustworthiness, and how Democrats have manipulated January 6 for political gain with co-host and Democratic donor Gayle King.

Pompeo dismantled King’s arguments on gun control, trustworthiness, and how Democrats have exploited January 6.

During the first part of the show, King discussed recent deadly shootings in California, Illinois, and Iowa, and how she’s too scared to go most places out of a fear of being shot.

When Pompeo was asked “what needs to be done,” he pointed out that California has “some of the toughest gun laws in the nation.”

Here’s what he had to say to such a difficult question.

It wasn’t long before King moved on, but not before she insisted on more leftist nonsense. “Nobody wants to take guns away from responsible gun owners.” Then quickly moved away from the topic.

Following a brief back-and-forth about a possible presidential run in 2024 and why he wrote the book, King asked if running against Donald Trump would be disloyal.

Pompeo cleverly answered the loaded question:

The real heat came when King fretted that Pompeo “wrote very little about J6,” but what he did say upset her: because she wanted him to completely denounce the day.

This is where Pompeo took a more hot and cold approach.

At the end of the interview, King briefly asked about Biden’s documents scandal.

Keeping it short, Pompeo said: “If you have classified documents, handle them correctly, and if you find you have them in the wrong place, take responsibility, take accountability, and turn them back in.”

Mike Pompeo’s recent implications of a run for president have not come as too much of an unexpected surprise, given that he is the only person confident enough to put his ideas forward without hiding behind any other party or group. This bold move sets him in direct competition against Donald Trump and all other Republican names this primary election, which can be sure to make it an interesting race.  Republicans nationwide will certainly have a say on Mike’s stance; he dubbed ‘Never Give an Inch’ title to his book, believing he can make a great nominee due to his unyielding principles and morale code. It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see if American see him the same way he sees himself per his book title. Did Mike ‘never give an inch’ while he fought for the America he loves? That’s for the voters to decide.

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