What REALLY Happened To Diamond?! Chilling Cause Of Death For Trump Supporter Revealed!

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 It was a sad and tragic moment for conservatives everywhere when Diamond Lynnette Hardaway, better known as one half of the “Diamond and Silk” duo, tragically passed away on Jan. 8, but finally we have some answers into the cause of her death.

It is sad and tragic to hear of Diamond Hardaway’s passing at the young age of 51. Diamond was a wonderful woman and a conservative leader who we will miss dearly. Her death has sparked rumors and malicious conspiracy theories, yet we finally have some answers into her tragic passing.

Ny Post reports, Diamond Lynnette Hardaway, one half of the duo Diamond and Silk, died of heart disease due to chronic high blood pressure on Jan. 8. Diamond was 51 years old.

Her sister Rochelle “Silk” Richardson discovered Hardaway on the kitchen floor after she collapsed yelling, “I can’t breathe.”

During the memorial service Silk gave a horrifying story about the last moments of Diamonds life, and speculated on the cause of her death.


Donald Trump was in attendance at Diamond’s funeral service and recounted their time together.

The Daily Beast reports, several key figures from the Trump world gathered at the remembrance ceremony for Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway for her memorial, including former President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump issued a statement on the tragic death of Diamond.

Donald Trump gave a eulogy at the funeral.

When Trump’s White House bid was announced in 2015, Diamond and Silk made the unlikely leap from being diehard Democrats to Republicans, and they became household names during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The cause of death for Diamond Hardaway from the popular “Diamond and Silk” duo has been revealed, providing an unfortunate but sad conclusion to an otherwise tragic event. Diamond was a wonderful woman who served as a conservative leader and had been one of Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters. We will all miss her and her legacy will live on through her impact on our lives and views. We extend our sincerest condolences to Diamond’s family and friends in these trying times.

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