Breaking Video: Thousands at Kari Lake Rally ERUPT As Trump Surprises Crowd with Powerful Message

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Over the weekend, a large group of Kari Lake supporters came together to show their support of her efforts to overturn the state’s gubernatorial race – what they didn’t know was that they were in for an unforgettable surprise from President Donald J. Trump, who delivered a surprise message that resonated with everyone in attendance – making for a night none will ever forget!

On Sunday, President Trump phoned former Republican candidate for Arizona governor Kari Lake during her “Save Arizona” rally at the Orange Tree Resort in Scottsdale. telling her she would be “victorious” in her fight to reverse November’s results.

In his remarks to the crowd, Trump said Lake would be “victorious” in her efforts to reverse the election outcome. Trump also thanked the thousands of Patriots for showing their support for Kari Lake and election integrity on Election Day.

Following the event,  Lake thanked Trump for calling into the rally. 

Lake has been a loyal supporter of President Trump, and even has been rumored to be the President’s running mate in 2024.

Just recently, she called Trump the “savior” of the Republican party and praised his work in office.

Meanwhile, Lake is not giving up on her mission to overturn the Arizona Governor’s race. Just recently,  she published staggering evidence of fraudulent ballots and misread votes by Arizona’s 2022 tabulators – just one instance of her long line of uncoverings of a broken system.

It was a remarkable moment over the weekend as Trump’s words were greeted with rapturous applause in the crowd when he declared his support for Kari Lake’s mission and emphatically promised her she would be “victorious” in overturning November’s gubernatorial election results. This powerful message of confidence sent a surge of energy through the entire crowd, coupled with excitement for Kari Lake’s mission. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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