BUSTED! President Trump Exposes DOJ “Deep State” Cover-Up of Biden Document Scandal

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It was a must see political fire on display as President Trump slammed the New York Times for their failure to cover the Biden Document Scandal. In what must be seen to be believed, his demand that justice be done and that the deep state must not protect the Bidens must set off alarm bells from one end of America to the other. In a way that only he can deliver, POTUS charges these dark forces with suppressing evidence against Joe and Hunter Biden even as he pleads for an end to the coverup. Don’t miss this must see video from President Trump in this report, you’ll never forget it!

In a series of videos released on social media, President Trump discussed his thoughts on the ongoing classified documents scandal surrounding Joe Biden. 

Trump began by discussing how “disturbing” the situation is, considering that Biden did not have the power to declassify documents while he was in the Senate or as Vice President. 

Trump also slammed the Biden administration for not being transparent with the American public about the documents – citing the long gap between the time officials found the documents and the time the public was aware of the discovery.

Trump also released a video slamming journalist Peter Baker with the NY Times, who defended Biden’s documents scandal, claiming that Biden “cooperated with authorities” in regards to classified documents, while President Trump did not. 

And finally, Trump released a video on a slightly different topic – calling for the dismantling of the Deep State.

This video was in response to the news of a FBI official, who was centrally involved in the launch of the Russia hoax, was recently charged with colluding with a Russian oligarch.

Trump says, “This latest example of Washington’s corruption and hypocrisy is one more reason we need to elect a president to restore a government that is honest, transparent, and accountable to the American people.”

President Trump has repeatedly unveiled the truth about how the Deep State has been covering up for Joe Biden and his shady document scandal. This situation is deeply disturbing, especially considering that – as a Senator or Vice President – Biden did not even possess the authority to declassify such documents. In addition, there has been an unacceptable level of secrecy surrounding these documents, with the public only beginning to catch wind of them after such a long period of time. It’s clear now why this was kept so quiet, and it’s absolutely crucial that we make sure the same never happens again. If you’re on the Trump Train and your goal is to make America great again, then make sure you make some noise in order to bring attention to this important issue!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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