‘Crushing The Criminals’: How Far Is Governor DeSantis Willing To Go?

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Governor DeSantis is a hero for his proposal to increase the penalties for child rapists and drug criminals. This is a well-timed move as efforts across the country have been pushing for lenient sentences in an effort to promote “woke” initiatives.

It’s no secret that DeSantis is determined to keep Florida’s fifty year low crime rate intact, through harsher penalties and a true commitment to justice for those most vulnerable. It’s high time that desparate measures were taken, and DeSantis has proven an amazing leader on this issue.

Daily wire reports, the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, announced legislation this week that dramatically increases the punishments for child rapists and drug criminals.

Its aim is to improve Florida’s “50-year record low crime rate” by implementing a variety of measures, including abolishing cash bail and increasing penalties for serious crimes, especially those targeting children.


In addition to capital punishment for child crimes, there is a litany of other initaitives the governor is ordering.

FL Gov reports, in addition to preventing the early release of sex criminals, this proposal increases penalties for drug-related crimes, increases human smuggling interdictions, strengthens the punishment for child rapists, prevents early release of sex criminals, and makes executions more plausible.

Florida’s blueprint for fighting crime will be strengthened by this legislation, with the proposed changes including.

It is imperative that Florida’s death penalty statute is revised in order to ensure that those convicted of the most heinous crimes are punished accordingly. A death sentence can only be imposed by a unanimous jury recommendation. The proposal reduces the number of jurors required to recommend death from unanimity to a supermajority.

By imposing additional penalties on fentanyl and other drug-related crimes when they look like candy, we can combat the ongoing fentanyl crisis plaguing our country. Also, it is a first degree felony to possess, sell, or manufacture fentanyl and other controlled substances that look like candy, as well as imposing a mandatory life sentence and $1 million penalty on traffickers who target children.

Enhancing Florida’s bail laws by limiting who is eligible for release prior to first appearance, making the judge the final decision-maker on detention, and requiring a detention hearing prior to trial for dangerous crimes.

Governor Ron DeSantis has come to the rescue of Florida’s children with his proposal for harsher penalties against child rapists and drug criminals. By increasing sentencing for such cases, he is sending the message that criminal activity will no longer be taken lightly. It sends a loud, clear message that “we are going to protect our children,” which is not only commendable but also necessary for communities fighting for safety. Not only does this bill target child predators and drug dealers, it also strongly suggests that desantis is a hero in protecting young lives. With these tougher sentences in place, we can rest assured that those who perpetrate crimes against society will be severely punished in an effort to lock them up and keep our communities safe. All in all, desantis’s proposal should surely be approved as it brings good things and most importantly ensures the protection of the youth of Florida.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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