Bombshell! 3 Former Twitter Employees Prepare to Testify in House Hearing On censorship Issue?

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 As the house prepares to investigate the hunter Biden laptop, and Twitter’s role in covering it up, the investigation into government-big tech collusion should receive its first real scrutiny.

Ex-Twitter employees will testify before the House Intel Committee in February, and it seems that an explosive breach of trust from the new Biden administration is about to be revealed. The session, under chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY), will look for answers about the social media platform’s decision to censor a story on Hunter Biden’s laptop published by the New York Post prior to the election. 

Washington Examiner reports, Representative James Comer will chair the House Oversight Committee for the first time on Feb. 8, when a trio of former Twitter employees will testify.

It is reported that three unidentified former employees will testify before the committee about the social media platform’s decision to censor a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop published by the New York Post shortly before the 2020 presidential election.

Additionally, the committee will investigate classified documents found inside President Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware. More classified documents were found in the president’s Delaware home on Jan. 12 after being found in his garage in December.

Biden’s classified documents became intertwined with the president’s son after evidence proved that Hunter Biden had access to one of the areas where the president kept classified documents. According to a memoir written by the president’s son, he and others were holed up at his father’s house on election night in 2020 near where classified documents were found.

The latest twitter file dump should indicate that more needs to be investigated when it comes to the false narrative big tech and Democrats forced on Americans. 

Fox news reports. Taibbi analyzed Hamilton 68, a so-called “dashboard” purporting to monitor Russian bot activity, on Friday.

It was led by former FBI agent Clint Watts, a MSNBC contributor, and was run by the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD), a neoliberal think tank founded in 2017 with a council that includes Clinton ally John Podesta, acting CIA director Michael Morrell, former Obama official Michael McFaul and Bulwark editor-at-large Bill Kristol.

It is a breach of trust for the US Government to demand Twitter employees to censor information just because it does not fit with the narrative that benefited their candidate. The American people’s right to freedom of speech has been violated and the government cover up seems clear.  With news of classified documents discovered in President Joe Biden’s home, questions over collusion and an unconstitutional breach of privacy are rampant – a situation further muddled by the silence from all parties concerned. Now, as these three former Twitter staff testify before the House Oversight Committee on Feb. 8th, we wait to see if democracy prevails or if this alleged breach will be swept under the rug.

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