Is the Democrat Empire Crumbling? Will Kamala Top Biden’s VP List in 2024?

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 As time continues to run against us, we inch closer and closer to the 2024 presidential election. What will become of the Democratic duo that were chosen to lead in 2020? They seem to be on shaky ground with their own party, hinting at a second-term hesitation. Could this be the moment when Democrats should start searching for a new figure for the top job in politics? Could it be time for a major shake up? It remains to be seen, but all eyes are on the leaders as questions arise about their ability to stay atop such a tumultuous political landscape.

Elizabeth Warren has been known to air her opinions whenever a political event arises. So, it was a surprise that when the Massachusetts Senator was recently interviewed on Boston Public Radio this week and asked about Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s VP choice in 2024, she didn’t commit to kamala. Warren may be trying to make it look like she’s not interested in intruding in other people’s politics but it could be argued that all she is doing is looking out for herself which has often been the case with Warren. While time can only tell what will happen come 2024, don’t expect Warren to come out and give an opinion anytime soon, especially if it isn’t going to make her look good in her own eyes.

Legal Insurrection reports that, during a Boston Public Radio interview this week, Elizabeth Warren refused to confirm her support for Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s VP nominee in 2024.

Her intention was to appear like she wasn’t interfering with their business, but that wasn’t the case. As usual, Warren prioritizes herself above all else.

Senator Elizabeth Warren wants President Joe Biden to run again next year, but wouldn’t say whether Vice President Kamala Harris should again run with him.

LET’S TAKE A LOOK at she plots for herself

As a result of this comment, it went viral on Twitter and people had a lot to say about it.

Fox reported, Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., sparked speculation on social media over the weekend after she did not endorse Vice President Harris as Biden’s running mate in 2024.

Steve Guest, Sen. Ted Cruz’s special adviser of communications, tweeted: “Interesting word choice from Warren and telling she won’t back Harris.”

What can we learn from this exchange? Even Democrats like Warren realize Kamala Harris is a disaster. As a result, Elizabeth Warren’s aspirations for higher office remain largely unfulfilled.

Despite the fact that the president has not officially announced his re-election bid for 2024, he is widely expected to do so next month.

Elizabeth Warren has always managed to keep us on our toes. Take for instance, her award-winning performance when Roe v Wade was overturned -who knew she was planning on having a baby in the near future? While that might seem like an indication of her foresight, her latest moves suggest otherwise. As if to prove our point, Elizabeth Warren appears to be playing the field while Democrats may be fishing for another Vice President alternative -despite Kamala Harris’ unwavering failure. It would be foolish to think Ms. Warren is actually a contender, though we can only wait with bated breath and see how it unfolds from here. These democrats are so desperate, at this point they’ll take anything that’s not Kamala.

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