UNBELIEVABLE! Watch Democrat Senator Expose Joe Biden’s ‘Classified Document Scandal’

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Red flags are up all around the Biden administration with regard to their mishandling of classified documents. In response, top lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have tried to demand statements and testimonies in order to get a full understanding of what is going on; however, they keep running into brick walls. Many left-leaning figures have grown increasingly frustrated because it impedes their ability to do their job. Welcome to what it’s like being a republican and having to deal with the democrat party.

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) has called out the Biden Administration, describing their lack of transparency regarding details regarding a classified document scandal as wholly unacceptable. After almost a month into this disaster, little progress has been made in the congressional investigation committee because of the stonewalling from the Director of National Intelligence, which has raised further questions. If not addressed soon, it will have a potentially devastating effect on the Biden administration.

Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) criticized the Biden administration for its handling of a classified document scandal involving President Joe Biden.

In an interview with CBS News host Margaret Brennan on “Face The Nation,” Warner made the remarks about when the committee would receive information from the Director of National Intelligence regarding the classified information at Biden’s former office and home.

Warner said.“Our job is not to figure out if somebody mishandled those, our job is to make sure there’s not an intelligence compromise. And while the Director of National Intelligence had been willing to brief us earlier, now that you’ve got the special counsel, the notion that we’re going to be left in limbo, and we can’t do our job, that just cannot stand.”

Warner continued, “And every member of the committee who spoke yesterday and I wanted the director to hear this, regardless of party said, we are united in that we have to find a way to do our job. That means we need these documents, we need that assessment.”

What Warner later said drove his point home.

On the topic of giving the intelligence committee access to the classified documents of both Biden and Trump, Margaret Brennan asked: “the intelligence community would say their hands are tied, because this is an ongoing active Justice Department investigation. So what would meet the level of- of addressing your concerns without compromising that?”

Here was Rubio’s and Mark’s response.

With the discovery of Biden having access to certain classified documents as a Vp, the threat of harm to national security is a real concern. It is certainly concerning that he was given clearance to these documents in the first place, considering his past history of corruption and foreign dealings. Most common sense individuals know that President Trump had the executive power to declassify whatever he wanted during his term, which alleviates immediate worries. The looming danger now lies with any access that the Biden family may have had to this material—particularly since it was not classified by Biden himself. It is essential that Congress assess these risks and assure the public there was nothing in those classified docs with Biden to be worried about. We all know the justice department will only cover it up if they tell us.

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