BOOM: White House SCRAMBLING, FBI Agents swarm Biden’s beach house as probe intensifies

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Breaking news out of Biden’s Beach House!! The FBI, in an unprecedented move, has raided the vacation residence of Joe Biden as they continue to investigate alleged classified documents. The FBI agents swarmed the beach house property as the White House scrambles to respond to the breaking developments. Reports are suggesting that National Archives officials were told to stay quiet while the FBI intensifies its investigation into alleged classified documents. This probe has now reached a new level with agents searching for evidence at Biden’s home. Stay tuned As we have all the shocking details on this breaking story!

The president’s attorney Bob Bauer confirmed FBI agents searched President Biden’s home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for a second time this morning looking for additional classified documents.

In an effort to get ahead of the breaking news that would have resulted from a leak or announcement by the DOJ, Biden’s White House counsel coordinated to deliver the news via an official statement.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has demonstrated a consistent pattern of leniency toward President Biden, as evidenced by their willingness to coordinate every FBI search the president and his team have submitted to. Even more concerning is the fact the president and his staff were allowed to use the beach house just days before the search. This leniency raises eyebrows – how could all FBI searches coincide so precisely with the president’s plans? Were the Biden’s cleaning up evidence before the FBI arrived? It’s an arrangement that calls into question whether or not justice is truly being served.

As par for the course, Karine Jean-Pierre stonewalled reporters in today’s press briefing when asked about the FBI search this morning. Watch this absolutely ridiculous response.

Prior to the briefing White House Counsel claimed they were being transparent despite the fact that they had been hiding this from the American People since November.

As a result of their own search of Biden’s beach house, his attorneys have said there are no classified documents there.

House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman James Comer on Tuesday night claimed that National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) general counsel Gary Stern told them the agency could not notify the public about classified documents found at Biden’s DC think tank back in November, which raised questions about who kept the news from spreading.

An anonymous source said the FBI conducted today’s search. According to the person, the search was planned and consensual without a warrant.

The recent FBI raid on Joe Biden’s vacation residence is groundshaking news that further complicates his 2024 race.  This whole fiasco presents a problem as a man expected to announce his run for president has had to grapple with questions of classified documents and a heightened investigation by the FBI.  Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Counsel, appeared to stonewall reporters in today’s press briefing when asked about the search, and some are questioning why this information was kept secret since November.  It is difficult to say what effect these federal investigations will have on Biden’s campaign but one thing is certain – it will be interesting how both candidate and public react as the story unfolds.

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