‘Ghoulish’ Mayor Celebrates, Dancing In the Street, As Chicago Murder Rates Soar!

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s embarrassing escapades on the streets of Chicago during Lunar New Year have gained her much criticism.  Many were shocked that this callous display came from one of the worst mayors in The United States; many believe that she is completely disconnected from reality if everyone can seemingly make jokes and try to show off while their city simultaneously fails.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago is embarrassing herself, her voters, and the city with her inappropriate celebrations while the city has been suffering its worst crime rates since records have begun. 

Daily wire reports, in Chicago’s Lunar New Year parade Sunday, video showed Mayor Lori Lightfoot dancing in the street.

Chicago’s crime rate has soared in 2023; overall crime in January 2023 is 61% higher than in January 2022.

Chicago Contrarian tweeted “Since @chicagosmayor’s term began, Chicago has suffered 2,278 homicides and over 9,000 shot. Since January 1, the city has endured 41 homicides and 194 shot. Yet here Lightfoot is blissfully dancing and asking voters to return her to office. Lightfoot is detached from reality.”

Lets check out this lunatic celebration Take a look>>>

The outrage was palpable after the video of Lightfoot surfaced.

James Bradley tweeted “ This is Lori Lightfoot dancing on the graves of the 2,278 homicide victims who have died since she took office”

Bart Marcois tweeted “ Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is filmed DANCING in streets, even as murders soar. Because once your party has learned how to BLANK elections, you no longer worry whether or not your voters like you. She doesn’t have to pretend to care any more.”

Lightfoot is running for re-election, but there are eight other candidates, so it’s unlikely that anyone will reach the 50% threshold. A runoff between the top two candidates is likely to decide the winner on April 4.

A 25-year high in homicides was reached in 2021 after Lightfoot took office.

A former Chicago cop who has turned her back on her during her tenure texted “this city is up for grabs” after George Floyd’s death during riots in October, and boasted of having the biggest douchebag in Chicago when she attacked a former Park District official for a deal with an Italian American group for the use of a Christopher Columbus statue and determined that she was worth a 5% raise.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was blasted after embarrassing footage of her dancing in the street in Chicago’s Lunar New Year parade surfaced. What should have been a celebratory event turned into a embarrassing display of Lightfoot’s failed policies and terrible leadership. Her woke liberal agenda has done nothing to solve the heinous crime problem that plagues Chicago; overall crime in January is 61% higher than it was in January 2022 with 2,278 homicides and 9,000 shot since her term has started. It is clear that Lightfoot’s embarrassing display demonstrated her complete ignorance towards the people she has pledged to serve and protect; governance like this simply cannot be tolerated anymore.

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