It’s Happening! CNN Host Smacks Down Adam Schiff’s Lies

Schiff isn't used to being called out for his lies, but that's exactly what happened when he spoke to CNN's Dana Bash on Sunday morning.
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It is clear that Schiff consciously lied about the Mueller report and other matters, signifying a lack of morality and trustworthiness.

Trending politics reports, Schiff isn’t used to being called out for his lies, but that’s exactly what happened when he spoke to CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday morning. He stumbled over his words after Bash exposed one of Schiff’s most notorious lies to his face before finally saying, “I should have been more clear”.

But wait there’s more, Schiff was also held to account about Schiff’s lies over Trump’s involvement with Russian spies.

This interview comes after Adam Schiff, Illhan Omar, and Eric Swalwell were kicked off the house intelligence committee.

Washington Times reports, three House Democrats who were kicked off committees by Republicans took to CNN on Sunday to attack Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Representatives Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff of California, along with Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, cited Mr. McCarthy’s slim majority, saying he promised ultra-conservatives he would target them for speaker.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi removed GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Paul Gosar of Arizona from committees over their controversial social media posts.

Adam Schiff explained “The only real explanation is he needs Marjorie Taylor Greene’s vote, he needs Paul Gosar’s vote, he wants to retaliate for their removal from their committee, and apparently he believes I was very effective in exposing his misconduct, Donald Trump’s misconduct, That’s what he’s trying to stop.”

Mr. Swalwell also was removed from the Intelligence Committee for supposedly unknowingly staffing a Chinese spy

Congressman Adam Schiff’s days of lying and deceiving the American public are quickly coming to a close. During his conversation with CNN’s Dana Bash, he was called out for one of his lies in spectacular fashion. Bash exposed Schiff’s notorious lie and, as one would expect, the far-left Democrat stumbled over his words as he scrambled for an excuse for why he’d been caught out – eventually giving up and saying “I should have been more clear in my answer”. With Biden’s failed liberal agenda and the woke mob tearing down traditional American values, it is no surprise that Americans are flocking toward the possibility of Trump in 2024. Meanwhile, it would be most likely for Schiff to resign instead of showing any further shameless dishonesty to his constituents.

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