WHOA!! Kamala Harris roasted for ‘weird’ ‘cringe-worthy’ depiction of astronauts launching to space!

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Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent remarks describing the historic mission of NASA and SpaceX have caused an uproar throughout the nation. Clearly there is nothing filling her head but air, as viewers everywhere were quick to comment on her absolutely cringeworthy description of the momentous occasion. Not only was it filled with cheesy quotes, it was also light in information; she went as far as talking like she was speaking to kindergartners! The launch of four American astronauts taking off for outer space should have been one of national pride, but instead it quickly turned into a national embarrassment. Clearly Vice President Kamala Harris wasn’t ready for this important mission.

The way Vice President Harris described the historical and monumental NASA SpaceX Demo-2 mission of Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley was a national embarrassment. From a factual point of view, she noted that the astronauts “suited up, waved to their families, rode an elevator… strapped into their seats… and then they launched.” To many viewers, her extremely literal language suggested a bizarrely childlike attitude towards a momentous space flight – a fact compounded by her glee-filled “Yeah they did!”  By talking about this tremendous occasion in such a manner, Harris caused a huge stir among those observing it – who could not help but wonder if a child had actually written her speech.

Sara Gonzales reacted on twitter tweeting, “This is painful to watch.”

@LibertyNewz responded, “No one is this stupid.”

Thomas Seeley reacted, “If cringe had a face, it would be Kamala.”

The Babylon Bee attempted to figure out who was responsible for her horrible speeches by interviewing the mysterious individual behind them. So this may not have been Kamala’s fault after all, but her speechwriter will have to take responsibility for some of it.

Vice President Kamala Harris’s description of the recent NASA and SpaceX mission was truly embarrassing for our nation to witness. She failed to provide a meaningful overview of the momentous occasion which she was undoubtedly tapped to speak on, instead filling her speech with quotes that she thought were cute but were not. Moreover, she talked like she was speaking to kindergarteners and had nothing else in her head but air. With such cringeworthy remarks, she needs to go hide her head in shame for how she has represented our great nation.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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