ALERT: Where are the 600,000 got-aways? Mayorkas dodges!!

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The border crisis that Biden promised to address has only gotten worse, with over 600,000 got-aways entering the United States without following the appropriate process for asylum application. What’s more alarming is Secretary Mayorkas’ response to these got-aways, casually brushing it aside as a challenge that all administrations have faced.

Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas responded to questions on whether the Department of Homeland Security  knows where and who the 600,000-plus border got-aways are, by avoiding responsibility and pointing fingers at previous administrations. His dismissive approach demonstrated a lack of accountability from the Biden Administration in tackling an ongoing border crisis that has caused immense economic strain, and massive loss of lives.

Breitbart reports. During an interview aired on Tuesday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Jose Diaz-Balart Reports,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas responded to questions about where and who the more than 600,000 got-aways are by saying the Biden administration increased the number of Border Patrol agents and other border measures, and “got-aways have been a challenge” under all administrations.

It is because of Mayorkas’s repeated dodging of questions and lack of accountability on his tremendous failures that he is now being targeted for impeachment.

Politico reports, House Republicans are taking their first step toward booting DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas from office, a goal openly dividing members.

In a historically rare move, Republicans are laying the groundwork on two tracks to impeach Mayorkas over his handling of the border – something that hasn’t been done against a Cabinet member since 1876. Representative Pat Fallon has filed multiple articles of impeachment against Mayorkas in an effort to force the failed cabinet member to do his job.


Hoping to address border crisis, the Biden administration increased border personnel and border enforcement. However, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s evasion of the question of where and who the 600,000+ got-aways are has left many outraged. In a period of severe economic hardship and lives lost, this failure to provide accountability highlights how Biden has failed in his duty to American citizens. With no indication that these individuals will ever be accounted for or be forced to follow protocol, it remains unclear as to when our border issues will be resolved. Our only hope is that the impeachment proceedings go through, and the people responsible are held to task for their massive failures.

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