WHOA!!! Battle begins over Dems’ strict new regulations on gun owners?

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Senator Kennedy has recently called out the unconstitutional rule-tightening of pistol-stabilizing braces by the Biden administration.

It appears that this latest attempt at a gun ban pushed forward by Democrats will not go unchallenged; with Sen. Kennedy leading the charge in defense of rightly-held liberties, there may be hope in preventing further unconstitutional restrictions made towards guns and firearm ownership.

Washington Examiner reports, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) is challenging the Biden administration’s tightening of pistol-stabilizing braces. According to him, the crackdown violates the Second Amendment.

Kennedy plans to introduce the Congressional Review Act with Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS). If it passes with a simple majority, new pistol-stabilizing braces will be nixed. According to the Justice Department, braces, which convert pistols into short-barreled rifles, will be covered by existing regulations for short-barreled rifles in the National Firearms Act.

Kennedy spoke out about the situation stating “Millions of law-abiding Americans use pistol braces, and many of those Americans rely on braces because they are disabled. If Congress doesn’t correct the ATF’s misguided rule, countless law-abiding gun owners in Louisiana and other states will become criminals in the blink of an eye,”

Recently there have been moves made to just get rid of the ATF all together.

According to the Washington Examiner, in response to new regulations on pistol-stabilizing braces, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is proposing legislation to abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The Justice Department announced recently that the National Firearms Act will cover pistol-stabilizing braces that convert pistols into short-barreled rifles. As part of his announcement for his bill, Gaetz cited the stricter rules on pistol braces and reiterated his long-standing complaints about the ATF.

In a press release Matt Gaetz stated “House Republicans have the ATF in our crosshairs. The continued existence of the ATF is increasingly unwarranted based on their repeated actions to convert law-abiding citizens into felons. They must be stopped. My bill today would abolish the ATF once and for all,”

Sen. John Kennedy is leading the charge to protect America and our constitutionally-protected Second Amendment freedoms from Biden’s unconstitutional gun ban, which effectively strips law-abiding citizens of their right to bear arms. He is introducing a Congressional Review Act with Senator Roger Marshall, aimed at abolishing the DOJ’s pistol-stabilizing brace rule and the ATF’s corresponding overreach on regulation. This act would restore freedom to citizens who wish only to exercise their rights responsibly, while infringing on none. This unconstitutional attack on gun ownership will not be tolerated by those serious about protecting American liberty – true patriots have had enough of this unconstitutional tyranny, and will continue to demand respect for America’s freedom!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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