Hollywood Horrified after Gary Sinise Reveals Career Breaking News

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Gary Sinise has seen it all when it comes to being a conservative in Hollywood. Despite the woke mob and clashes with those more liberal than himself, Sinise has stood his ground and continued acting and helping veterans in need – an honorable feat for someone so outspoken about their political beliefs.

Gary Sinise is a rarity in the woke Hollywood mob, and it hasn’t been easy for him, since he refuses to back away from his conservative ideals.  Sinise acknowledged that his career has had its struggles due to his political views. However, he has stayed true to them by standing his ground in a largely liberal industry.

Daily wire reports, while Gary Sinise knows being a conservative in Hollywood isn’t easy, he’s had a great career despite being outspoken.

Appearing on Friday’s episode of CNN’s “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?,” Wallace was asked why he started the conservative group, Friends of Abe, for right-leaning Hollywood figures in 2004 rather than just sticking to acting.

The actor, best known for his role as Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump, said the group was founded in the early days of the Iraq War, because he and his friends wanted to prevent soldiers from suffering as Vietnam veterans did for their service.

Sinise stated “I think so much was motivated by … what happened to our Vietnam veterans and the lack of support that they got and the way they were treated, and then we regretted it later on,” 

Sinise was questioned by Wallace on gun control and he replied with “I’m not the guy to know exactly what to do about all that.… The one thing I do know is that you can’t get rid of guns. Guns are here to stay. They have always been a part of the American story. So, what do we do now that we seem to have this easy access to guns when we shouldn’t? Or people that get guns that shouldn’t have them? What do we do? It’s a complicated situation. I don’t think there’s one solution.”

Gary Sinise has focused a majority of his career on giving back to the community.

Hollywood reporter notes. Founded in 2011, the Gary Sinise Foundation provides support to people recovering from injury, loss, or trauma through programs such as Relief & Resiliency Outreach. In addition to creating smart homes for injured veterans, the nonprofit also runs a program called RISE.

Sinise explained that he eventually chose projects that served his greater mission, saying, “There were a few projects I took because they aligned well with what I was doing on the service side.” As an example…I had done nine seasons of CSI: NY. I now had this public platform every week on television. My character is not only a police officer, but also a veteran and a 9/11 family member. That gave me an opportunity in a public way to honor the men and women who we lost on Sept. 11 and the firefighter we lost.”

Recently Gary Sinise helped a group of WW2 veterans travel to a WW2 museum.

Gary Sinise has been outspoken about his conservative beliefs for years and is bravely standing his ground against woke mobs, woke cancel culture, and the liberal elites. It hasn’t been easy for him to do so amidst a heavily liberal Hollywood, but he was determined to help veterans no matter what. Despite the culture war that is raging on in Hollywood, the 67-year-old actor believes in President Trump’s mission to Make America Great Again and looks forward to his 2024 win. Sinise is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and fight for those who need it most – our veterans – and conservative ideals, no matter the cost.

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