‘Total Lies’: Border Patrol Official Exposes Adam Schiff on LIVE TV For DISGRACEFUL Attack

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In one of the most controversial moments of the legislative battle today, a GOP congressman stood his ground against Adam Schiff’s outrageous lies. While the Democrats tried and failed to attack the representative because of his race, he refused to budge at the unfairness and persevered. A border patrol official demanded respect from Schiff and spoke out against total lies. With their refusal to succumb to fear-mongering, Republicans showed unprecedented strength – standing unwaveringly in face of the vicious smear campaign. 

Adam Schiff’s attack on loyal members of Congress was disgraceful; yet there was one Congressman whose confidence shone through, refusing adamantly to be called a racist by him. Unbelievable indeed! Meanwhile, a border patrol official continued to fight back for justice with an almighty outburst against those who seeked defamation against him. This single moment is just a fragment in a much larger movement that has for long been fought for justice and truth!

Watch Schiff’s disgusting attack now.

Following his attack, Fox News reports, Schiff was criticized by the National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd for spreading “lies” during the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on Biden’s border policies In an interview with “The Faulkner Focus”.

Democrats’ phony racism smears won’t work anymore. Rep Wesley Hunt refused to buy into Adam Schiff’s narrative. Hunt denounced Democrats for trying to prevent the border from being secure by falsely accusing them of racism.

Adam Schiff is a disgrace for fabricating stories and claims about the border without remorse. His lies about Republicans on migrants are outrageous, and rightfully drew ire from National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd. Representative Adam Schiff must be held accountable for his actions of spreading false information. It was refreshing to see Rep Wesley Hunt stand up to Adam Schiff’s narrative by denouncing Democrats who are trying to prevent the U.S./Mexico border from being secure with phony racism smears. It is time we stop tolerating Adam Schiff’s deceitful behavior and make it clear that Democrats’ lies won’t work anymore.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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