BOOM! Maxine Waters Caught Off Guard When Rep Chip Roy Confronts Her Shocking Secret!

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When Representative Chip Roy pressed California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters about past statements she had made threatening to nationalize the oil industry, pressing waters to answer if she is indeed a socialist or not, waves of cheers came from true conservatives watching her deny the accusation that was painted on her wall from the start.

Rep. Maxine Waters is a liar and an embarrassment to society and all sane people. She denies being a socialist even after she has publicly threatened to nationalize oil industries in the past, which is clear evidence of her woke insanity. No reputable politician would ever make such suggestions, as it leads to nothing but disaster – this proves her incompetence as a leader, not to mention her sanity.

Fox News reports, Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, denied being a socialist Tuesday when Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, confronted her over past statements threatening to nationalize the oil industry.

Watch her original comments.

During a meeting of the House Rules Committee on Tuesday, the exchange took place. Rep. Maria Salazar introduced Res. 9, a resolution that denounced “the horrors of socialism.” Waters attended the committee hearing and made her statement.

In the proposed resolution denouncing socialism Rep. Salazar laid out the human cost of the failed system of government stating“Whereas socialist ideology necessitates a concentration of power that has time and time again collapsed into Communist regimes, totalitarian rule, and brutal dictatorships; Whereas socialism has repeatedly led to famine and mass murders, and the killing of over 100,000,000 people worldwide; Whereas between 15,000,000 and 55,000,000 people starved to death in the wake of famine and devastation caused by the Great Leap Forward in China;”

Conservatives took to twitter after representative Chip Roy tweeted out the exchange between Maxine Waters and himself.

Twitter user Jim stated “Excellent clip on putting Waters in her place and making her back down from what she had said in the past. Gotta love it when they get called out for what they are!”

Mike tweeted “Oh, she’s a capitalist all right.  Just look at her $6M mansion located NOT in her district….funny how that works.”

Another twitter user posed a question asking about Water’s companions knowing if she was not a socialist any more. He stated “Amazing do her socialist colleagues know? Well now they do!!”

Maxine Waters’ insistence that she is not a socialist serves as proof of nothing but her dishonesty. Her refusal to come clean and admit her true intentions reflects the woke insanity that has polluted the liberal establishment in recent times. She is a failed politician, who desperately wants Republicans to believe her lies about not being a socialist. But it’s clear that we are witnessing yet another case of Liberal Lunatics run amok, one which will hopefully not be quickly forgotten once Roy’s accusing finger casted shame on Waters for her attempting to nationalize the oil industry. It’s time for us to say goodbye to this left-wing socialist and welcome back the more sensible conservatives of old.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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