FACT CHECK: Uncovering the Disgraceful Truth Behind Biden and Women in Office

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Joe Biden has recently been caught yet again! His latest blunder revolves around the shocking lack of female hires he’s made in his administration. Although he proclaims himself a champion of equality, the startling figures he stumbled over reveal he may have been propping up women as puppets to appease feminists all along. The cold hard facts have finally come to light and people are demanding answers – who is really getting hired? Is Joe Biden’s real stance on women frighteningly low? The damning facts exist, now we will uncover them.

Biden’s cabinet has been hailed as one of the most inclusive LGBTQ+ cabinets in history with openly gay members, and trans members as well. But was Biden’s recent gaffe really a gaffe?

Trending politics reports, once again, Joe Biden made a fool of himself. As he tried to explain how many women are in his administrative cabinet, he stumbled over his words.

Philip Holloway tweeted in response to Biden’s gaffe stating “I completely agree with the President here. More than half the women in his administration are women. He’s apparently not sure about the rest of the women in his administration”

Phil Kerpen tweeted “I can only think of a couple people who aren’t”

Brent Scher tweeted “The funny thing here is there are several “women” in his administration who are certainly not women.”

Senate Conservatives executive director Mary Vought asked “How does Biden know they’re women? Is he a biologist?”

Nate Madden who is Chip Roy’s strategic advisor stated on twitter ” Given what Dems now believe about ‘women’ …. this might actually be statistically accurate …”

Even more so since becoming president, Biden has been a fumbling mess.

Newsmax reports, as the 46th and oldest president sworn in, Joe Biden has long been criticized for his public gaffes.

American citizens and politicians have expressed frustration over the frequency of his gaffes during international visits and events.

While the White House has defended the president and insisted he is both mentally and physically healthy, the criticism has continued.

Who can forget when Joe Biden read the teleprompter instructions out loud.

Or another time when Biden forgot that congresswoman jackie Walorski tragically passed just days before he mentioned her in a speech.

There are countless examples of biden exiting the wrong way from a stage, or having to be intercepted before he goes off into bushes.

And who can forget when Biden forgot how many states there was.

It is clear that Joe Biden’s mental health is rapidly deteriorating and the frequency of his “mistakes” keeps increasing. But this recent blunder might not have actually been a blunder, and it could have been a Freudian slip in regards to the amount of actual women in his administration.  Now the question remains if the LGBTQ+ community will now turn on joe Biden as he clearly questioned his cabinet members sexual identity, intentional or not. One thing is for certain, Joe biden is not fit to lead the United States of America in any capacity, and the economy and global strife are prime examples of why.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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