Jim Jordan Caught Democrat in Disgraceful Act DURING HEARING! See What Happens Next…

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Have you ever been annoyed when someone was so distracted by their cell phone, they seemed oblivious to everyone else? If so, you’ll love the comment Chairman Jim Jordan made recently during a House Committee Meeting. Just when he caught Rep. Jerry Nadler using his phone during his time to deliver his opening remarks – the tension skyrocketed! 

During a recent hearing of the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York seemed too busy. The entire House of Representatives was watching Jerry Nadler take a phone call at the recent hearing.

The Democrat congressman took the call right before he was supposed to speak.

In response, Republican Chairman of the committee Jim Jordan caught Nadler on the phone and stated “I now recognize the ranking member, the gentleman from New York, Mr. Nadler–once he completes his phone call–for his opening statement.”

Twitter users noticed Jordan’s savage remark, with one person commenting, “Rep. Jim Jordan wasting no time exposing Jerry nadler’s pompous, shitty attitude.”

Nadler made the phone call the same day he rejected the idea of saying the Pledge of Allegiance before committee hearings.

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz’s proposal to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each hearing was rejected by Nadler.

The rude behavior of Jerry Nadler was a slap in the face to those paying attention at the House Committee hearing. Chairman Jim Jordan did not let him get away with it either. Right when Nadler was supposed to make his opening statement, he suddenly became distracted and took a call. Everyone in the House of Representatives watched as he assumed nobody noticed, but nobody could ignore it once Jordan quickly spoke up. Nadler was elected to work for his constituents – not for them to watch him take phone calls during his time on the clock.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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