Janice Dean’s Book Banned By Reviewers For Working At Fox News!

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Cancel culture has rapidly spread across our society like a plague, upending any sense of free debate. Primarily embraced by those on the left and is frequently used as a sort of modern-day form of censorship. Remember the left is tolerant, inclusive, fair, and knows best for our society. 

Janice Dean’s experience with her recent book release is an unfortunate case of censorship and bias. As a meteorologist for Fox News, she has dedicated her life to informing the public on important weather-related events and news stories. So when multiple outlets rejected her self-written personal memoir, “I Am the Storm,” it shows a clear lack of journalistic integrity and misplaced values. In a time where intellectual freedom and fairness should be leveraged as essential pillars in society, it is concerning to witness such prejudice against someone based solely on their place of employment or learned views. 

Daily wire reports, the Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean said Sunday that several outlets had refused to review her new book, “I Am the Storm.”

She noted Publishers Weekly had refused to review her latest book, which they had reviewed previously

Here is Janice talking about her book and why she wrote it,

When Janice found out about the censorship she took to twitter and say:

“Was just told that all the major publications that review books declined to review #IAmtheStorm because of where I work. This included @PublishersWkly which has reviewed all of my other books.”

Dean added that Barnes & Noble, a major book retailer, had ordered hard copies of her book for some of their locations, but had not put them out on display. She said that “distribution issues” were given as the reason for the decision.

Dean noted, however, that things only worsened. “And @amazon put my price point on #IAmtheStorm at the highest $$ with no discount for a week which apparently unheard of. So yeah, I was screwed from the very beginning,” said she, adding one caveat: “(P.S. I have all of this in writing.)”

The Daily Wire reported that Dean’s publicist pitched all the major trades, but none reviewed the book.

Additionally, she shared the news via Instagram, saying that it was especially disheartening since the book was about people facing incredible odds and overcoming them.

It’s a shame that the Left appears to be doing everything possible to undermine books with powerful messages such as this. Rather than celebrating the author for having the courage and resilience to bring her story to light, many of them appear more focused on whether or not these kinds of works are inclusive enough for their tastes. Of course, their biggest excuse always is there are already an abundance of works by white authors out there. It would be much more meaningful if these self-proclaimed social justice warriors actually worked to lift up those from diverse backgrounds who are tackling big issues head-on, rather than attempting to take down those who don’t fit their narrative.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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