WHAT JUST HAPPENED? CNN’s Victor Blackwell Accuses White House of Dodging Questions

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The truth has a way of coming to light, regardless of the cover that people try to put over it. Those who have relied on others to protect their own wrongdoings are soon finding out that it can be used against them as well. In this day and age, corrupted puppet politicians are being exposed for what they really are – deceivers and manipulators. Biden is slowly burning his bridges for his own sake.

Victor Blackwell’s intense grilling of White House spokesperson Kate Bedingfield on Tuesday was a clear demonstration of the growing frustration surrounding the lack of transparency from the Biden administration. Recent reports suggesting that the FBI had conducted a search of the president’s think tank have left many American citizens feeling uneasy and perplexed, prompting more curiosity on the involvement of the FBI in this particular classified document case.  Now all the sudden the corrupt media wants in on the secrets, spouting conservative rhetoric like “transparency”.

Daily caller reports, Victor Blackwell grilled White House spokesperson Kate Bedingfield on Tuesday about the lack of transparency from the White House and Biden administration amid reports that the FBI searched Biden’s think tank.

According to CBS News, which broke the story of the documents, two anonymous sources said the FBI searched Biden’s team’s offices without a search warrant in mid-November. We don’t know if there were any other documents found.

Blackwell noted the new revelations and asked whether additional documents were found there and Katie responded with a load of garbage. 

That’s when the host (Balckwell) hit back with a surprisingly combative claim.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, The Federal Bureau of Investigation searched President Joe Biden’s vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on Wednesday without finding any classified documents, his attorney said. During Biden’s time as vice president, agents took some handwritten notes and other materials for review.

It is clear that the release of former President Biden’s classified documents was far from transparent. Instead of informing the public immediately upon learning of the documents, they were withheld for two full months. As a result, many people are now justifiably outraged with how much deemed ‘confidential information’ was kept under wraps over those election months, with society deprived of access to critical information which may have mattered to citizens and made a considerable difference to certain political decisions around that time. Through this costly intentional deceit and lack of communication, trust if there was any to begin with has been severely impacted in this situation and remains an ongoing challenge for this administration.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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