Lawsuit Claims Biden’s ATF Ban is ‘War’ on Gun Owners! Gun Rights Groups Take Aim at Biden!

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When the founding fathers drafted the Second Amendment centuries ago, they seemed to have a premonition of what America would look like today. Their Godly inspired words leave nothing uncertain: citizens possess the right to bear arms. If those same Founding Fathers could witness modern day America, they would be joining ordinary citizens on the frontlines in defense of that right. 

Gun rights advocates are all sounding the alarm over the Biden administration’s controversial recent rule forcing all firearm owners to register any weapons with “stabilizing braces”. This has already led to two separate Texas-based policy groups filing suit in a clear show of defiance as they believe this is nothing short of a “war against lawful gun owners”. It’s yet another flashpoint between those who will go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure gun control and those that strongly defend their Second Amendment. The only way to move forward is if citizens continue to win.

The Washington Examiner reports, the Texas Public Policy Foundation describes the Biden administration regulation that forces firearm owners to register weapons with “stabilizing braces” as a “war against lawful gun owners.”

Here’s Rep. Dan Crenshaw talking about how this unconstitutional ban could affect law abiding citizens and what should be done.

Since Jan. 31, at least two lawsuits have been filed by Texas-based policy groups arguing that gun owners who use stabling braces should register their weapons within 120 days or face felony charges.

Autumn Patterson, a senior attorney with the TPPF, told the Washington Examiner, “”The Constitution gives Congress—not unelected bureaucrats—the legislative power to amend laws.”

According to Patterson, the rule directly violates the Supreme Court’s last year landmark gun decision, in which the court ruled that firearm rules must respect the nation’s historical traditions.

As part of its lawsuit against the ATF rule, the Firearms Policy Coalition has also filed a complaint in the Northern District of Texas.

According to the Federal Registrar, the ATF estimates that implementing the rule will cost $266.9 million.

The blatant corruption and disrespect for American citizens uncovered by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau (ATF) is harrowing. Despite never being elected, they have been writing laws that affect millions of Americans — laws that can be completely ignored with impunity due to lack of democratic consent. Taxpayers are footing the bill not only for these unelected lawmakers, but also enforcement operations that target law abiding citizens while neglecting to punish criminals. Americans should remember they hold all the power; no one outside of Congress should ever be dictating policy if they have not been democratically chosen.

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