Biden’s Biggest Mistake Yet – What His Advisor’s Demise Means for America

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The news of Brian Deese’s departure from the National Economic Council comes as a shock to many. As inflation continues to rise and economists warn of a potential recession ahead, this move could signal a potentially failed economic policy under the Biden administration.

For two years, inflation was increasing and economists warned of an impending recession. However, as the inflation rate continues to sky-rocket and news of a collapsing economy emerge, it appears that Biden’s vision for a steady and stable growth is slowly fading away.

Townhall reports, Joe Biden announced Thursday morning that his top economic advisor, Brian Deese, is leaving the White House. Deese has served as the Director of Biden’s National Economic Council since January 2021.

Biden’s 20 year old interns released a statement for our failed leader on Deese being fired, he/they said ” For the past two years, I have relied on Brian Deese to help me do just that. Brian has a unique ability to translate complex policy challenges into concrete actions that improve the lives of American people. He has helped steer my economic vision into reality, and managed the transition of our historic economic recovery to steady and stable growth,”

However, Deese’s departure occurs as economists predict the U.S. will enter a recession this year. As head of the NEC, Deese repeatedly claimed Biden’s inflation crisis was temporary and advocated massive government spending.


According to NBC News, even with all the major experts predicting a recession in the coming months, they spent time highlighting how good the economy is under Joe biden.

Despite a wave of high-profile layoff announcements, most Americans are still employed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last week that 186,000 people filed for unemployment benefits, a nine-month low. Unemployment remains at 3.5%, the lowest in half a century. There are also about 10.5 million job openings.

Yet many economists believe we are headed for a recession.

With Deese’s departure and inflation rising while economists warn of a recession ahead, it is clear that President Biden has failed to live up to the high expectations of many Americans. He promised an improving economy, but reality tells a different story. The current state of inflation suggests our economy is on the brink of collapse. People are desperate to have Trump back in office to save the USA from yet another economic disaster. It remains to be seen what further turbulence the Biden presidency will unfold in the months ahead.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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